Sunday, March 24, 2019

Site Map for S/L Daily Newsletter has been Updated, Re-Categorized,
and Prepared for Additions

It was time for a change here. Our site map slowly developed the need for updating and finally it has been done. Part of the updating included making changes in names and categories and making additions. The public Site Map has also been re-styled. 

Most of this has been brought about by our re-emphasis of the total Lake Community as opposed to the East shore. The S/L Daily Newsletter is actually more work than can comfortably be handled by one person, but the editorial "we" continue to be volunteers without any current paid advertising. We use courtesy ads to stimulate interest to get more individuals, groups, and businesses involved. 

It's a labor of love and its life depends to a great degree on readers and community members calling in or emailing in news and events of your organization, business, school children from Silver Lake and family activities. We welcome you to participate in our labor of love for the Silver Lake Community.

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