Sunday, March 17, 2019

Perry Herald Surrenders to 'Several People' Wanting Border Patrol News

In this week's March 14th edition of the Perry Herald was published two full pages of "News Bytes from U.S. Customs & Border Patrol."  These were written with considerable detail and seemed to indicate that border check points are apparently working well. 

These "CBP Arrests" can quickly be located on the Internet under simple searches such as "CBP Arests." Following several weeks of television coverage on this very subject ending in President Trump's first Veto on Friday. I was struck by at least two factors: (1) These far away locations were being covered by the Herald in Perry NY, (2) The coverage will continue on the weeks when local news does not fill the space.

Up until my current experience, I always retreated from the constant country-wide news to a more "safe place" where I could read about local news and events. This is causing me to wonder if this is a new trend to which I can only say that I hope not. I look forward to some of our Newsletter readers giving their predictions and preferences in the comments section of this story.

Comment 1: I was going to write to Lorraine about this anyway. I was distressed that she made this decision. The immigration "problem” and ICE enforcement she should feature is the local one, ie the plight of dairy farmers and the precarious position of their non-native workforce. If The NY Times today has an article on this topic, surely that is the emphasis appropriate for the Perry Herald. ~Nancy Sellar

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