Saturday, March 16, 2019

Newsletter Readers Warmly Welcome You to Submit a Photo, Story or Poem

Publications such as the Newsletter (Blog) are enriched by a variety of gifted persons offering their talents to the Lake Community. I still take most of the photos, but as time goes on, my ability to get around is greatly hampered by painful arthritis and painful spinal stenosis. I love doing the work because your kind words of appreciation inspire me to continue on to inform, please, and entertain you.

 Any photos in and around the Lake, cottages, or businesses are welcome and we will happily return the photo to you. If you prefer, you may send us an electronic copy of the photo. Stories can be about family visits, history or remodeling events, just to name a few. People in the photo or stories make them all the more interesting. For those gifted in poetry, we extend our welcome also to you, again to expand the variety and dynamic of our content. Please consider what you might do to help us bring additional interest in our Silver Lake Community/

Questions will be eagerly answered by way of phone (493-4003) or email ( Our readers include both year-round residents and those who make their home here during the warm weather. Some readers from out of state have expressed appreciation for any news that comes from Silver Lake and we enjoy accommodating them!

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