Sunday, March 3, 2019

Remember when the 1920s weren't all that Long Ago? Next Year starts
the 20s again--the 2020s!

 Above: "1924"

Above: Blow Up of Previous Photo

Above: "Lake Front 1934"

 Above: SLI Baseball Stadium

"Institute Gate"
Above: "Silver Lake RR Station 1930"

Above: Blow Up of Previous Photo

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  1. Hi Greg,

    Nancy Sellar and I have been discussing the group of pictures posted 3/3. In particular the top photo of a dark colored cottage. It appears to be on one of the sidestreets due to the slope of the land. Did whoever supplied the pictures have an address or at least the street? I had thought it was the place directly behind us, now owned by Lance Seeber, and Sellars was the next one up the hill, but Nancy says the gingerbread on that does not even remotely match hers. Back in the 40's there was a cottage on Embury that was home to a bakery owned by Mrs Donovan. I believe It ultimately burned to the ground, but it was dark green. I don't remember what was next to it. Any addt'l info would be helpful.

    Jack Small