Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Beautiful Service of Ashes Brings Out SLI Supporters on a Cold Winter's Night

8 Degrees at 10:45 pm. 
4 Degrees at 11:41 pm. 
Thanks to East Shore residents, Joanne Brocklehurst and Greg Franklin for bringing a beautiful choir anthem and some great accompaniment music. Some of those who attend our concert series at SLI were present for this special, combined congregations' experience. Members of the former North Gainesville UMC were also present.

In addition to Rev. Brocklehurst and Rev. Franklin, Rev. Doug Wilson was the third retired pastor present, all three of whom live year-round on the SLI grounds. Rev. Tony Hipes, pastor of the Perry UMC, and Rev. Eric Kelly, pastor of the Perry Center Congregational Church led the order of worship and liturgies. Both participated in a dual presentation of the non-traditional sermon.

No other reports were received of others attending other religious locations in the area.

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