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Sunday, March 31, 2019

This Evening will be
Icy, Snowy 'til 11 pm

 Special Weather Statement
Weather Updated: Mar 31 6:45 PM
Issued by the National Weather Service
For Wyoming County, New York


NYS DEC Plans Fish Count at
Silver Lake soon after Ice Melt

The Silver Lake Association has learned that the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) will be undertaking a fish count in the early part of this season, soon after the last of the ice is dissipated. The funding part of the package is already in place.

"[W]hen the time comes there will be a boat at night with very bright headlights coasting along the shores. Be advised that this should be the DEC," stated the announcement. The SLA is also waiting on a response to their inquiry as to whether there will be a Boat Steward at the Silver Lake public launch this year. 

"We will keep everyone updated on the lake activities throughout the season. Have a great Summer!" concluded the SLA announcement.

By Dawn's Early Light ...

The temperature at 7:20 am was 34 and the ground cover of snow was very patchy (partial, hit and miss). What sounded like one bold bird was sweetly chirping a message of coming Spring, or perhaps he found something to eat among the many leaves that had been blown vigorously around yesterday. Snow showers, much colder with a high of 37 for today. It now appears that March is exiting much more like a lion than a lamb.

Fast Moving Forecasts

Saturday's afternoon drizzle/rain held off from occurring until the evening hours. We are aware there is snow in the forecast for later this morning (Sunday) but also a high of 38. As we toss the jacks into the air,we shall be observing how they fall; In other words, will there be any noticeable snow, something closer to rain, or even missing us entirely ....

Saturday, March 30, 2019


Although the official forecast is for "Mostly Cloudy, rain, drizzle, breezy,
the sun has been shining this morning and, at this point, for
the first hour of the afternoon today (Saturday).
Turned Cloudy and Very Windy
as rain clouds approach.

Forecast info and illustration by AccuWeather.
Radar from shortly after 1 pm is courtesy of Weather Channel.

Friday, March 29, 2019

Silver Serpent Triathlon in conjunction with Lakewide Yard Sale, Epworth Info and Sales, weekend of May 31-June 2

Chapman Avenue will be the prime road for the weekend of May 31 through June 2, 2019. A two-day, lake-wide Yard Sale will take place all around Silver Lake May 31 (10 am to 4 pm) and June 1 (9 am to 3 pm). The Epworth Hall location takes advantage of a significant number of visitors that will be traveling up and down Chapman in conjunction with the June 2 (Sunday) Triathlon that Asbury Retreat Center is sponsoring. 

Epworth Hall will host information and sales tables for Asbury Retreat Center, Silver Lake Association, Silver Lake Experience, and Silver Lake Institute, along with personal "booths" of the volunteers staffing the organizations' tables--a total of 20 displays.

Residents from around the lake are invited to participate by setting up in Burt Park, or along the Institute Greenway, or in front of their own cottages/homes. The four non-profit groups will publicize the sales among their constituents, triathlon guests,  and the general public at no cost to residents.

The Silver Serpent Triathlon is a USAT sanctioned race. Check out their general website at https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Triathlon. The Triathlon taking place at Asbury has its own details at the following website: http://www.silverserpenttriathlon.com/race-details/. If you know little or nothing about Asbury, go to http://www.asburyuny.org/ and check out its beauty and great facilities.

Maps of the Races (Swim, Bike, Run):

More information is coming, but for now, just get ready with whatever role you want to play in the lake-wide Yard Sale by way of your own personal "booth" and the signs that will point to your location, if not on one of the main drags.
53 degrees at 12:33 am!

Thursday, March 28, 2019

We Love seeing Faces put to Names ...
110 Years of Trustee Faces
We Need More!

SLI Trustees of 1934

Above Photos taken from Trustee Photos in
Password Protected Section.

SLDN Looks Forward to Upcoming 'History of SLI Street Names' and
Latest Edition of SLI Handbook

I first became acquainted with some of the SLI street names' history as I was gathering historical information for my Consolidated History of the Silver Lake Institute which I published in my previous blog which was under the auspices of SLI, nearly nine years ago. That history is in the process of being put into booklet form by request. The SLI Board approved an in depth history of street names created by (the Rev.) Rodney Jones who turned his cottage over to his son a few years ago. Suzanne Bristow is the transcriber and typist of Rodney's research and hand-written directory of street names' history. I marvel at her capacity for hard work on behalf of the Institute and Lake Community. We will be listening for an update as this new season progresses.

The Silver Lake Daily Newsletter (formerly The Blog) has electronically published the Silver Lake Institute's 2002 SLI Handbook for over five years. Because of sitting on the Long Range Planning Committee (LRP) which is the one that volunteered to update and rewrite the new SLI Handbook which the committee accomplished. Now all of Suzanne Bristow's long hours of work will proceed through the Executive Committee and on to the Full Board. We will learn very soon at which stage this is at.

SLI 2019 Board Meeting Dates are Correctly Listed in The Epworthian

There are many things that I love and appreciate about Nancy Cully Sellar and one of them is that she is a world class proof-reader. This has been particularly beneficial to me and my readers since she will occasionally catch an error and lets me know. This prevents confusion and cuts back on corrective phone calls and emails.

Nancy called to my attention the recent article listing all of the SLI Board Meeting dates for 2019 and the fact that the dates in July and August were not on Saturdays. When I checked The Epworthian, I discovered my need for new glasses. The correct dates for the July and August Board Meetings are July 6 and August 3. The first meeting for 2019 is coming up one week from Saturday which is April 6. The complete list of meetings are: April 6, May 11, June 8, July 6, August 3, September 7 and October 5. My apologies for any inconveniences.

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

SLI's 14 Season Family Golf 'Merged' with New Idea for Lakewide Golf to Benefit Common Goal: Water Quality

This season, 2019, will Mark the 3rd Annual Silver Lake Association (SLA)'s Water Quality Golf Tournament.  The first two, one in 2017 and one in 2018, proved to be a valuable addition to the Lake Community and its goals for a strong Water Quality program overseeing a higher and notable level of water quality.

Up to this point (2016), the Silver Lake Institute had been running a Family Golf Tournament since the season of 2002. The last two years saw attendance and participation dwindle down, but not from any lack of enthusiastic promotion by Fred Nobbs, the  prime organizer and promoter. Some "SLIers" miss his weekly public announcements to get registered for Golf or "come to support the golfers at the Awards Luncheon."

Through the leadership, foresight, and encouragement of Loren Penman, the SLI community agreed to get behind the new lake-wide project which would be a merger of sorts into one golfing entity for Silver Lake and using a common goal toward which all could participate and willingly give up its late July dates. 

This year's "Water Quality Golf Tournamenet" is scheduled for Saturday, July 27, 2019, hosted by The Club at Silver Lake. The morning features a 9 am shotgun start, scramble format - $240 per team of 4 (lunch only $20). Register by July 13 with Joe Caputo, 6805 South Hillcrest Dr., Castile, NY 14427 (jvcaputo54@gmail.com [585] 738-1815).

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Board 'Updates' in Epworthian may seem like Old News to SLDN Readers

Those residents who either attend Silver Lake Institute Board meetings regularly or who read this Silver Lake Daily Newsletter (formerly the Blog) may find news items posted in the Epworthian that seem to be less than the latest of news, or perhaps even old material. Keep in mind that Epworthian, as the only official publication of SLI, is published only once a year and should be seen more as an annual summary or report than a means of updating.

Nevertheless, we look forward to the arrival of our annual Epworthian. It's good reading. It's good to have our leadership in communication with us. It's good to have the past year reviewed and the upcoming season set forth. The entire 2019 edition of the Epworthian is available to SLI residents in the Password-Protected section of this Newsletter.

For example, the Epworthian announces, this week, the results of last year's SLI election and the hiring of a new office clerk (Craig Bateman) for the Institute. Last July, the Annual SLI cottage owner's meeting elected the following officers announced this week by the Epworthian:
President, Bill Schaefer
Vice President, Pete Mairs
Secretary, Lance Seeber
Trustee to Replace Don Weaver, Kris Schultz

"We are so grateful to Don's many contributions to th community. He will continue on as our Worship Committee chairman," said the SLI President.

SLI 2019 Board Meetings Announced

Silver Lake Institute (SLI) President, Bill Schaefer, has announced in this month's Epworthian, the dates that the official SLI Board meetings of 2019 will be taking place. Each meeting will take place on the following Saturdays (usually at 10:00 am): April 6, May 11, June 8, July 8, August 5, September 7,  and October 5. Locations will be posted on the new office bulletin board. "Residents are encouraged to attend," Bill stated in the Epworthian, the official and annual publication of the Institute.

Week at a Glance

Overnight Monday -- 16 degree Low and mainly clear.
Tuesday High -- 39 degrees and mostly sunny.
Wednesday High--52 deg. and plenty of sun. 
Thursday High -- 56 degrees, mostly cloudy, and a shower.
Friday High -- 50 degrees, and a couple of showers.
Saturday High -- 61 degrees, a couple of showers possible.
Sunday High -- 33 degrees -- a drop of nearly 30 degrees. (March takes its leave.)
Monday, April 1 -- 46 degrees, snow showers possible. (Not an April Fool's forecast in spite of snow showers at 46 degrees!)
Monday thru Friday -- mid-to-upper 40s and cloudy.

Monday, March 25, 2019

Today I wore my Spring Jacket
for the First Time in 2019

I write this little informal story not so much as a personal account, as an encouragement to those feeling as though Spring has not sprung soon enough. I must admit that I spent all of my time within the protective encirclement of car walls and windows. The sun was shining all day long and it warmed and kept the car very comfortable. Had it been mid-winter, even such intense sunshine would not have made that Spring Jacket feel neither warm nor comfortable. I am thankful for the opportunity to be reminded that the days of Wine and Roses will soon be here (or should I say days of cold drinks and Daffodils?). Spring and Fall are my times of the year. I love the summer as long as the temperatures hold tight to the 70s, and avoid the upper 80s and 90s. Weather aside, I really look forward to the company Silver Lakers and their happy, warm smiles . . . . is it April yet?

DEC Advises NYers to Remove Bird Feeders to Prevent Attracting Bears

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) today reminded New Yorkers to take steps to prevent bears from easily accessing food sources like bird feeders and garbage. Due to poor natural food availability last fall, many black bears went into their dens with low fat reserves and as they begin to emerge from winter dens, have already begun seeking out food sources around homes.

DEC has already received several reports that bears are knocking down bird feeders to eat the seed. Feeding bears either intentionally, which is illegal, or unintentionally through careless practices around properties, has consequences for entire communities. DEC advises everyone who lives in or visits bear country to remove items that are attractive to bears. People should take down bird feeders by April 1, store garbage inside secure buildings, and feed pets indoors. Allowing bears to find food naturally keeps them out of trouble and reduces negative interactions with people and property.

DEC Announces Presentation on Avoiding Nuisance Bear Encounters

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) will give a presentation on black bears and how to avoid nuisance bear encounters on Wednesday, April 3, at 6 p.m. at the Frederick Carder Elementary School, 289 State St., Corning. The presentation is free and open to the public.

The discussion will include information about black bear ecology and behavior, as well as steps residents can take to avoid conflicts with bears.

Black bears have increased in number and range across all of southern New York State, including the Southern Tier over the past 35 years. This has led to an increase in the number of bear conflicts in the area. For information about reducing human-bear conflicts, visit DEC's website.

Time for Agenda Items and Proposals to Make their Way to SLI Trustee President for April 6 Meeting

The first meeting of the Silver Lake Institute Trustees will take place  one week from this Saturday, April 6th at 10:00 am at the SLI Garage, 46 Wesley Ave. at Janes Ave. Attendees should plan to dress warmly to overcome cold from the concrete floor and metal chairs.

Be present to get caught up on the last five months and the general plans for the upcoming five months which includes the Silver Lake Experience (SLE) August 8-11, 2019, and some very excellent talent coming to "our shores" this summer! 

Entertainment this season includes an excellent concert each Friday evening and top talent each evening of the SLE which includes the RPO Wind Ensemble on Thursday, Ruby Shooz on Friday, and The Old Hippies on Saturday. The Big Swing Band will be with us for the Sunday afternoon concert at 1:30 pm immediately following the SLE Picnic in the Park.

A Cloudy Sunday interrupted
a Sunny Saturday and Monday

Today's High should reach 40 degrees, but tonight's low
will manage to be around 19 degrees. I'm waiting 
for the warmer temperatures of Spring.

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Site Map for S/L Daily Newsletter has been Updated, Re-Categorized,
and Prepared for Additions

It was time for a change here. Our site map slowly developed the need for updating and finally it has been done. Part of the updating included making changes in names and categories and making additions. The public Site Map has also been re-styled. 

Most of this has been brought about by our re-emphasis of the total Lake Community as opposed to the East shore. The S/L Daily Newsletter is actually more work than can comfortably be handled by one person, but the editorial "we" continue to be volunteers without any current paid advertising. We use courtesy ads to stimulate interest to get more individuals, groups, and businesses involved. 

It's a labor of love and its life depends to a great degree on readers and community members calling in or emailing in news and events of your organization, business, school children from Silver Lake and family activities. We welcome you to participate in our labor of love for the Silver Lake Community.

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Looks Like March is Preparing
For a 'Lamb-Like' Exit

This Weather Channel forecast is two days short of the end of March. At the present time, TWC is forecasting a high of 49 on the second-last-day of March and 45 on the last day of March. The first week of April will dabble in the 40s, but is supposed to recover to the 50s and low 60s in early April.

Friday, March 22, 2019

More Information Coming as
We Welcome Silverlaken to
Silver Lake this Spring



MORE INFORMATION & PRICES AT  https://www.airbnb.com/s/Castile--NY

A Few Minutes of Heavy Snow Left Scattered areas of Ground Cover

Under cloudy skies and 36 degrees, a hefty snow fall took place for less than five minutes. The resulting scattered ground cover of snow did not hold up long,k but began melting even as light snow flurries continued. Some trees are holding tight to the early afternoon snow fall but roofs and lawns gave it up in short order.

Today's high temperature just took place at 2:15 pm and the forecast calls for "snow and squalls, 1-2 inches" for today and "snow squalls, 1-3 inches" overnight. Saturday's high will be 38 but feel only like 25 with sun and wind.

Lake Ice, Shoreline Snow, Melting as
a Result of Warming Temperatures

Looking Toward the Western Sky
Courtesy Silver Lake Institute
Looking Toward the Eastern Sky
Courtesy Silver Lake Marine

Thursday, March 21, 2019

SLI's First Business Meeting
of 2019 is Saturday, April 6th

The first official meeting of the SLI Trustees for 2019 will be held at 10:00 am on Saturday, April 6, 2019, and will be held at the SLI Garage, 46 Wesley Ave.,, behind the Post Office. 

Trustee meetings are open to all residents. There is a time prior to, or at the beginning, for residents to acknowledge their concerns or express their gratefulness for any aspect of life lived on the SLI grounds, or its mission or goals. 

Dress warmly because even if the air is somewhat warm, the concrete floor and metal chairs most likely will not be. April 6th is 2 weeks from Saturday.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Charcoal Corral Opened on Day 1 of Spring; Loren Penman and Friends
were Present for the Event

"Now we really know 
that Spring has arrived!"
L. Penman Photo

Glamping or Glamour Camping Comes to Silver Lake in May; Grand Opening of 'Silverlaken' Set for Mid-June

Silverlaken is located at 4101 Traber Road, right off of W. Lake Rd. The following announcement was included in the information release of March 15, 2019:
With winter snow melting, here is a quick update on the Silverlaken project as we head into Spring:
1. Official grand opening will be in mid June 2019 and this year's glamping season starts in May. 
2. As you can see in the picture from today (below), we will have plenty of campfire wood for summer bonfires! Lake is still frozen, yet it was 60 degrees out yesterday.
3. The high end glamping tents arrived recently from an outfitter in Quebec. They are 20 feet long with internal bathrooms and will be fully furnished. Think "canvas cabin" by the lake. I'll provide pictures once we get them set up next month.
4. Happy to say that last year's soft opening was a success and Silverlaken was awarded Superhost status by Airbnb.
5. The log cabin spa is well under construction at the factory and will be placed on site in early Summer. It includes a 12 person Finnish Sauna designed by Rob Licht of RobLichtCustomSaunas.com
6. A good number of bookings came in over the Winter, but we still have some weekends open this Summer. Book now for discounted rates.
7. We added 3 more sailboats to the fleet for our guests' enjoyment.

Hope to see you at Silverlaken !

Wednesday may not have felt like Spring or even looked like Spring, 
but the amount of daylight was equal to the amount of night hours
which makes it truly Spring. I prefer,however, the warmth and 
floral beauty of Spring which I eagerly anticipate.

UMC's Feb.2019 General Conference has not Finalized the Issues of
their LGBTQIA Members

The final vote of the specially-called General Conference of the United Methodist [Global] Church was a close one, but it continued to favor the policy of limiting the total faith experience of those of its members who are LGBTQIA and those who fully support those members. The plan which was approved was known as the "Traditional Plan."  Restrictions and limitations for LGBTQIA members first appeared in the UMC Book of Discipline in 1972 and it has festered ever since.

Of recent years, this quadrennial debate brought more and more talk of division and separation within the church. This General Conference was supposed to be the final say on the issue. Unfortunately, charges of bogus voting, mainly by alleged unauthorized and alternate representatives to the Conference has caused the very vote itself to be suspect in determining the outcome. One African Bishop actually authorized his son, serving as an alternate-representative, to vote, even though alternates are not authorized when the principle representative is present and voting. This is now being investigated.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Lakers Who Fish Receive Cautions
From Perry Public Works

Due to the growing number of days when pleasant temperatures continue to grow in warmth, a lot of the snow has melted, but that raises concerns for those who enjoy ice fishing. Moving water along with warmer temperatures increases the speed at which the ice melts. The representative from Public Works informs us that the gate is "open full" and he will be keeping it that way for the weekend.  He asks that we spread the word to those who fish about the combination of warming temperatures and moving water so as to use extra caution. The Rep will be monitoring lake levels closely under the current conditions.

Silver Lake Experience 2019: Better Every Time; Over 100 Workshops, RPO Woodwind Group, Plus Ruby Shooz!

CONCERT: RUBY SHOOZ! at the Silver Lake Experience on Friday Evening at Epworth Hall. This is included in the Friday regis-tration.

Forecast for the Work Week

Scattered Snowfall at different times and places around the Lake area occurring in various intensities. Ground cover of snow appears to be minimal along the northeastern shore in the basin area.

Monday, March 18, 2019

Full Text of Reader's Letter to Perry Herald Received Today for Publication

Editor's Note -- On Sunday this publication received a Comment in response to the Silver Lake Daily Newsletter's brief article titled "Perry Herald Surrenders to 'Several People' Wanting Border Patrol News." In Perry Herald's March 14th edition,  they allotted two full pages to national southern border arrests. The person making the comment to us has decided to submit the full text of the letter sent to the Perry Herald which appears below.
Dear Lorraine: 
You asked a few weeks ago for reader feedback on including information about Border Patrol activities in other parts of the country. Your Editor’s Corner column this week indicates that you have received requests from ”several readers” to continue this coverage.  I am a reader who strongly disagrees with this plan.  
First of all, the Herald has always billed itself as our “hometown newspaper,” which is why we have subscribed to it for many years and give gift subscriptions to family who want to know what’s going on in the area when they aren’t here. This is in no way home town news. If I want to read about national developments, I will turn to a national paper which has a far-flung reportorial staff and extensive editorial expertise to put these items into their broader context.  

Comment Section, Security Gate, Creating a Problem; Use Email

The security system in the Comment Section is supposed to be  "off" but is stuck in "on" and creating an entry problem to the Comment Section. Those wishing to comment should  use our email address and place "Comment" on the SUBJECT line until further notice. We apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you for your thoughtful consideration. Email revgreg@silverlakeconnection.com.

Brief Weather

Monday is receiving scattered flurries and light snow (mainly in the morning), alternating with sunshine with a 2 pm temp of 37 and high in the forecast of 38. Cold tonight, with a low of 21. HIgh tomorrow 42 degrees.
UPDATE -- 34 at 2:45 pm.

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Perry Herald Surrenders to 'Several People' Wanting Border Patrol News

In this week's March 14th edition of the Perry Herald was published two full pages of "News Bytes from U.S. Customs & Border Patrol."  These were written with considerable detail and seemed to indicate that border check points are apparently working well. 

These "CBP Arrests" can quickly be located on the Internet under simple searches such as "CBP Arests." Following several weeks of television coverage on this very subject ending in President Trump's first Veto on Friday. I was struck by at least two factors: (1) These far away locations were being covered by the Herald in Perry NY, (2) The coverage will continue on the weeks when local news does not fill the space.

Up until my current experience, I always retreated from the constant country-wide news to a more "safe place" where I could read about local news and events. This is causing me to wonder if this is a new trend to which I can only say that I hope not. I look forward to some of our Newsletter readers giving their predictions and preferences in the comments section of this story.

Comment 1: I was going to write to Lorraine about this anyway. I was distressed that she made this decision. The immigration "problem” and ICE enforcement she should feature is the local one, ie the plight of dairy farmers and the precarious position of their non-native workforce. If The NY Times today has an article on this topic, surely that is the emphasis appropriate for the Perry Herald. ~Nancy Sellar

Denials, charges fly in GC2019
voting credentials review

As General Conference organizers look into whether ineligible people might have voted during The United Methodist Church’s top lawmaking assembly in St. Louis, the South Congo bishop said his son was a duly elected reserve delegate. 

Bishop Kasap Owan provided a list of elected delegates and reserves that he said General Conference officials had before the Feb. 23-26 meeting started. His list of delegates elected in 2018 shows his son, Philippe Kasap Kachez, as the seventh “replacement reserve” delegate. Philippe is not listed on General Conference delegate attendance records

The Rev. Gary Graves, secretary of the General Conference, said the list provided by Kasap is part of what’s being reviewed by the General Conference Commission, so he cannot discuss it. Delegates to General Conference are elected by annual conferences, which are regional units of the church. Conferences can elect any number of reserves, but General Conference will only pay the expenses of primary delegates, Graves said. 

A Little About the Man
Named St. Patrick

St Patrick's Day is a global celebration of Irish culture on or around March 17. It particularly remembers St Patrick, one of Ireland's patron saints, who ministered Christianity in Ireland during the fifth century.

Saturday, March 16, 2019

New Snow for St. Patrick's Day
Arrived this Evening, Light Coating

Overnight temperatures as low as 20 in some places, will help solidify the wintry appearance for the Irish and all their friends--us!

Scattered Flurries, Some Wind,
Mostly Cloudy, Slightly Colder

High today will be 35; Low tonight 20. UPDATE (1 pm) -- A lot of filtered sun and some direct sun has enabled steady melting of the ground cover snow from last night. This is typical for an average month of March. The high of 35 today was reached in the early afternoon.

Newsletter Readers Warmly Welcome You to Submit a Photo, Story or Poem

Publications such as the Newsletter (Blog) are enriched by a variety of gifted persons offering their talents to the Lake Community. I still take most of the photos, but as time goes on, my ability to get around is greatly hampered by painful arthritis and painful spinal stenosis. I love doing the work because your kind words of appreciation inspire me to continue on to inform, please, and entertain you.

 Any photos in and around the Lake, cottages, or businesses are welcome and we will happily return the photo to you. If you prefer, you may send us an electronic copy of the photo. Stories can be about family visits, history or remodeling events, just to name a few. People in the photo or stories make them all the more interesting. For those gifted in poetry, we extend our welcome also to you, again to expand the variety and dynamic of our content. Please consider what you might do to help us bring additional interest in our Silver Lake Community/

Questions will be eagerly answered by way of phone (493-4003) or email (revgreg@silverlakeconnection.com). Our readers include both year-round residents and those who make their home here during the warm weather. Some readers from out of state have expressed appreciation for any news that comes from Silver Lake and we enjoy accommodating them!

Friday, March 15, 2019

Friday Night Temps

North End of Silver Lake -- 36 degrees (at 10:00 pm).
South End of Silver Lake -- 34 degrees (at 10:00 pm).
Scattered snow flurries forecast for tonight and tomorrow.

Silver Lake Experience Pamphlets Should All be Received by Now

If you were a part of the Silver Lake Experience (SLE) in 2015 or 2017, you are on the SLE mailing list and should have received the 2019 promotional pamphlet for this year's SLE August 8-11th this summer. You will also find these pamphlets in stores and all information in the pamphlet is in even greater detail on the SLE website -- www.silverlakeexperience.org. Registration is also available and open at the SLE website. All workshops, presenters, events, trips, and entertainment can also be found on the SLE website. If you are unable to find a pamphlet, call the SLE phone number at the Asbury Retreat Center office and ask to have one set aside for you to pick up (237-.5262).

Mild Local Weather Getting WNY Lakers Talking About Early Trips Here

Word is getting back here at Silver Lake that some of our Western New York Lakers are already thinking about Silver Lake and planning one or more quick trips down here to enjoy some of the early evidence of Spring. Steve, a summer resident on Genesee Ave. asked if I had been observing the geese returning north and the activities of the robins being spotted doing their thing locally.  I was happy to hear of their flight through WNY since I won't be fully aware of those things until the temperatures become much more compatible with arthritis and joint difficulties. I did, however, observe a photo of geese in flight taken by Kathy, a summer resident on Lakeview Ave. which appeared on Facebook this week. We look forward to more of these wonderful signs of spring.

Steve mentioned Thursday reaching 70 degrees which apparently was in the vicinity of his Rochester home since the Silver Lake temperatures were not that generous to us. One of our temperature -measuring locations put the Thursday high here at 55 and another at 58 degrees. Today we are only seeing the mid-40s and full blown clouds. Be advised that snow flurries are in the forecast for tonight and tomorrow. March may be "going out like a lamb," but the "lion" is still in charge.

UPDATE -- Temperature just hit 47 at 5:00 pm.

Official Sunrise (7:25 am) is
Overcome by Cloud Cover

The above picture of this morning's eastern sky  (courtesy Silver Lake Marine) was caught 19 minutes after official sunrise. We chose this time shot because there is evidence of the golden tones of the sun as opposed to an earlier shot at official sunrise (7:25 am) which showed a break in clouds from the position of the camera but no evidence of golden tones, apparently indicating further cloud cover down the line. The temperature at 8 am was 48 degrees.

Today's Weather and Advisories


Severe Alerts - Silver Lake , NY

Wind Advisory

Wind Advisory in effect from 6:00 AM EDT until 8:00 PM EDT. Source: U.S. National Weather Service

* LOCATIONS...Niagara, Orleans, Monroe, Northern Erie, Genesee, and Wyoming counties.
* TIMING...From early Friday morning through early Friday evening.
* WINDS...Southwest 20 to 30 mph with gusts up to 50 mph.
* IMPACTS...Winds of this magnitude may bring down a few tree
limbs and result in isolated power outages. Travel in high
profile vehicles may be difficult at times.
* PRECAUTIONARY / PREPAREDNESS ACTIONS ... Strong wind gusts of up to 57 mph will make driving difficult andcould result in minor property damage. Home owners should secure personal property..
1:10 am Radar                                             All weather courtesy AccuWeather

Thursday, March 14, 2019

57 degrees at 6:28 pm; Silver Lake Community Enjoys Mild Temperatures, Many Outside; Funeral Well Executed

Greg returned from a very helpful and beautiful funeral service in Perry to an empty email box. His conclusion was simple: The mild day was so comforting that people just relaxed and enjoyed it in hopes of many more coming soon. Since there were no news stories needing to be written up, Greg has now turned his attention to preparing the music for Sunday's Service in Perry. (By the way, does anyone know if there was anyone fishing on the lake today?)

Nice to See these Temps;
Possibility of a Little Rain

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Thursday's News Coverage
Begins Mid-Afternoon

Silver Lake Daily News will be delayed on its Thursday start up while Editor Greg Franklin serves as organist for the funeral service of Judy Webster of Perry. Feel free to submit news and announcements, projects, events, and questions by way of email at any time during the day and emails and posting of news will be the first priority when Greg returns from Perry. Pastor Tony Hipes and spouse, Judy, are providing his transportation. Call 493-4003 or email revgreg@silverlakeconnection.com.

Snow in the Morning Forecast ...
Mild Day in the Afternoon;
Even Better Tomorrow!

UPDATE 9 AM -- Snow flurries have not yet taken place although possible with a 26 degree temp.
UPDATE 12:30 PM -- No snow flurries; temp is 41 degrees.
12:38 PM -- New temp is 38 degrees.
UPDATE 4:40 PM -- 46 degrees.
Courtesy of AccuWeather

This is a Feat! (Not a Bad Day)!

Photo Courtesy of Terri Capurso
(Friend of Greg's daughter, Jennifer)

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

DEC Announces Brush Burning Prohibited in NYS March 16 - May 14

Burn Ban Decreases Wildfire Risks

.and Protects Lives and Property

Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Commissioner Basil Seggos today reminds residents that with spring approaching conditions for wildfires will become heightened and residential brush burning is prohibited March 16 through May 14 across New York State. "While many people associate wildfires with the western United States, the start of spring weather and the potential for dry conditions increases the risk for wildfires in New York," Commissioner Seggos said. "New York prohibits residential burning during the coming high-risk fire season to reduce wildfires and protect people, property, and natural resources. The ban has been extremely effective in reducing the number of wildfires, and we're encouraging New Yorkers to put safety first."

Even though much of the state is currently blanketed in snow, warming temperatures can quickly cause wildfire conditions to arise. DEC posts daily a fire danger rating map and forecast during fire season on its website and on the NY Fishing, Hunting & Wildlife App available on DEC's website. Currently, wildfire conditions in the state are low risk.

Historically, open burning of debris is the largest single cause of spring wildfires in New York State. When temperatures are warmer and the past fall's debris, dead grass, and leaves dry out, wildfires can start and spread easily and be further fueled by winds and a lack of green vegetation.

Slow Melting of Snow, Yet Another Reminder of Spring at our Doorstep; Greg Moves from Pianist to Organist.

Wednesday and Thursday are supposed to be the warmest days of the main part of this week, followed by another handful of spring days on the weekend I look forward to every one of them. Spring and fall are probably my favorite times except for the summer days that are the least humid and oppressive.

Judy Webster, friend to many of us from the Perry UMC, died last Saturday after a couple of days in the hospital followed by six days of hospice care. I will miss seeing her every week and my heart is heavy for her husband, Grady. In the absence of others' availability, I have agreed to be the organist for the funeral service to be held Thursday at 1 p.m. at the Perry UMC. Calling hours are the same day from 11 am to 1 pm at the church.

Monday, March 11, 2019

Second Set of Milder Days this Week

Wednesday's High Temp to be near 49 degrees. Thursday's High Temp should be right near 60 degrees, as spring attempts to bust through the snow banks and off-'n'on cold days.