Saturday, February 23, 2019

The Peaceful Saturday evening before Day of Forecast 75mph Wind Gusts
and 3-5 Inches of Blowing Snow

The snow covered area at the bottom of the photo is a portion of the Silver Lake Institute "Greenway" on the east side of the lake, while the row of lights near the top of the photo are a portion of the cottages situated on the west shore with Silver Lake in between.
(Photo Courtesy of SLI)
We will keep our readers posted, particularly our out of state readers, barring any extended loss of electrical power which could possibly delay our reporting. We estimate that the forecast snow of 3 pm Sunday might be delayed by the high of 52 degrees and replaced with rain until the temperatures drop down low enough to produce snow, through to the Sunday low of 21 and Monday's high of 24 degrees. 

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