Sunday, February 3, 2019

Silver Lake Assembly (SLI) 1908;
Dropping Off their Baggage

After dropping off the necessary supplies for their stay at the Assembly, cottagers would then stable the horse, pay for its feed, and store the wagon. During the scheduled "Chautauqua Assembly" event, all roads became pedestrian walkways. Horses and wagons were only permitted for initial drop off and end-of-the-event pickup. 1908 was also the year that the program was re-established following the bankruptcy-and-buying-back years. It was the year of the deep exhale and abundant thanksgiving, thanks to many fine folks like Mr. and Mrs. John Stoody. Today, only Ames Ave. Walkway maintains the tradition, but only from July 1st through Labor Day Monday. Foot prints in the snow, however, point to its use throughout the winter days.

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