Saturday, February 16, 2019

Planning Committee Adds a Second Survivor Party Set for Nov. 16, 2 pm

The Survivor Planning Committee met over lunch today at the Schultz's. The committee gets along real fine, kibitzing about everything but finding time to do an evaluation of this year's Mid-Winter Survivor's Party. It was agreed that many fine comments were heard about the gathering, the food, and the entertainment. The game of Spoons went exceptionally well, but it was recommended that a trial play be used in the future so persons unsure of the instructions can get a feel for it before moving into the competition.

There was a discussion about whether or not expenses were covered and it was determined that they were not. Committee members, who had each donated toward different parts of the party expenses, were unwilling to complain about their willingness to provide for the gathering taking place and insuring that the event  happens for the minimal amount and not a continually rising cost to the guests. 

It was also acknowledged that many persons  who came and paid for their reservations did not ask for change, but often gave much more than the $5 asking donation per person. It was also agreed that the overall goal is to cover expenses without cutting back on our generosity to the guests in terms of variety and amount of food, and in terms of our generosity and appreciation to Koinonia Hall and Sue Russell's flexibility and generosity.

Following a very favorable evaluation of the Mid-Winter Pizza Party, it was determined that Pizza was the way to go, and so we would continue the Mid-Winter event as is with simple moderation's or additions. Several of this year's guests expressed interest in doing the event more than once a year--especially after a summer full of events and opportunities to be with friends and acquaintances. They seemed to enjoy getting to know new residents and neighbors.

In considering a second event, a quick consensus was reached that an event would do well between Halloween and Thanksgiving and that it should be mid-afternoon and utilize the seasonal favorites of cider and donuts, preferring to give Perry Market's bakery, a locally owned business, consideration for the donuts and the cider mill in Castile for the cider. The date of Saturday, November 16th was chosen with the time period of 2 to 4 pm. Greg will check on the date with Sue Russell and Kris Schultz will report our meetings and activities to the Board of Trustees.

Next year's Mid-Winter event was scheduled for Saturday, Feb. 1, 2020, and the publicity will emphasize the sledding for children and the welcome extended to all member-residents of the Institute. Reservations will still be required for accurate purchase of food and drink and the recommended donation will remain at $5 per person. It is hoped that enough funds will be left over from the fall event to help cover expenses for the Mid-Winter Pizza Party. The November and February gatherings will also be evaluated including the finances.

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