Saturday, January 19, 2019

Steady Snow Shower at SLI;
Slow Increase to Ground Snow Level

So far, had we not been warned of the Storm on Saturday and Sunday, this wouldn't have appeared as a storm to those of us at SLI. The steady, light snow fall at first glance can't be seen, but only after concentrating on the darker, background areas, can one distinguish the snow shower. It appears there may be an additional 1 inch on the ground adding to the 1 inch from the overnight snow fall. Ironically because of the slow snow fall, plows have not become a regular sight yet. Visibility within the bounds of the Institute is good. UPDATE: 15 degrees at 2:30 pm

Even in this 1:37 pm photo, the camera is not picking up on the snow shower and the tree line can still be seen on the west side of the Lake. The breeze alternates between 0 and 3. (Photo Courtesy of Silver Lake Institute)

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