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Saturday, January 19, 2019

NWS at Buffalo Forecasts Heavier Snow Overnight, Sunday; Bitter Wind Chills;
Driving Advisory; Keep Children Inside

The east side of Wyoming County quite often does not get the full brunt of a westerly storm due to our county hills, the Warsaw valley, and to a limited extent, our own [Silver] Lake. On the other hand, those very factors have not always prevented the storms that are determined to hit us. So here we are again, on a Saturday night, having missed the brunt of what was forecast for Saturday, and yet hearing an almost shocking forecast for overnight Saturday and Sunday morning with occasional snow showers tapering off Sunday afternoon.

Too Cold?
With it all comes the forecast of a 20 below zero wind chill for Monday. We have been reminded that we can do damage to our body without hardly feeling it within such as a short time as 10 minutes! They warn us to keep our children in doors this weekend and we assume that applies to pets also. Even the Governor came on television to advise us to not drive if we did not have to, telling us that even just 2 stuck cars can completely shut down a road. Even our electric company [NYSEG] is warning us to be prepared in case of power failure. One almost gets the impression that staying in bed all day would be the best option!

Indoor Activity
Forecasting for the Silver Lake Water Basin is much like flipping a coin to determine whether or not we will be hit with a storm or not. After all, we are quite used to power failures in the summer when there are, for the most part, no storms. I still have a tendency to take heed of warnings given to us by trained human beings, and yes, that does eliminate Chicken Little! I am one of many who will be found in the warmth of my cottage this weekend alternating between cleaning up, stuffing garbage bags, and cuddling with my living room blankets.

So, for those of you far from Silver Lake, even out of state, I will give you the report on what does or does not occur in terms of snow storms for tonight and tomorrow. Since we had such a hard and snowy winter last year around here, my initial guess is that the storm will continue only as it did today, but don't ask, I will not bet anyone on what might (or might not) happen this year! If you happen to get bored tomorrow, come on over and we can talk, or you can help pack dry garbage or move some furniture and boxes around for me. We might not even notice what's happening outside!

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