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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

New Tractor Plays Significant Role
In 2019's First Storm Snow Clearing

While a pickup truck may be a reasonably priced alternative to a number of other pieces of snow-clearing equipment, it wasn't its first purpose. The pickup truck with plow cannot be faulted for the basic job of moderate snow clearing that it does fairly well. Without the height and good-sized bucket such as those features on SLI's new tractor, the vast amounts of snow which need to be moved out of the way requires the use of a bucket with a proper set of over-sized wheels and adequate horsepower. Pushing deep snow around without the ability to actually move it out of the way, creates its own problem of buildup which is actually worse than the initial snow fall.

Although this was our biggest storm of 2019 (so far), it in no way compares to the ravages of snow experienced last year. Consider it a dry run of things that could yet be possible this year or one in the not-too-distant future. I'm fortunate enough to live on a deadend street where I can watch the unique "turns and twists" of the tractor and its bucket in managing to get not only the pavement cleared from one edge to the other, but also completely cleared at the end of the road where it ends. 

The bucket moves the snow in a wider, neater, and--when necessary--higher mound, and sometimes moves it back farther allowing the road to remain clear. Children's play-actions no longer affect how long the pavement stays completely cleared. The bucket also tends to prevent snow from filling-in an already-shoveled driveway. I think that's for what I am most appreciative. The disadvantage, for me, is that it all happens so quickly, I often do not have time to get a photographic shot of the action such as today!

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