Monday, January 14, 2019

Name Change Reflects New, Less Formal Approach to Blog's Form, Style

One year ago, this publication ended 8 years of being the SLI Board-approved website and became separate and independent. This publication, first named the Blog, was produced and published by G. A. Franklin whose first occupation was in newspaper production. Mr. Franklin began with the old traditional rules of news gathering and writing. Gradually, he adopted a more informal approach to help fit the comfort level of the Institute.

Now at the end of the 9th year, the publication is making a clear statement by adopting the designation of "Newsletter" in the title which sets the informality level closer to the non-professional which  is more common to social groups in the style of relating information to members. Many may not even notice much of any change at all, but some may. We will continue to write some of the headlines in the old professional way but will no longer be held to it as a requirement. This style also allows for writing in the first person.

We will continue to be a news-communicating publication since we have learned that the new website which the SLI Board is planning on opening very soon will not be constructed around daily news. We look forward to continue serving you in the best ways possible. Keep us posted about those things you would like to see and continue submitting photos and stories.

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