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Thursday, January 3, 2019

Mid-Winters Survivors Party 2019
for SLI Winter-Time Residents
One Month Away--Feb. 2

The second annual Mid-Winters Survivor Party will be held for all Year-Round Residents and those on neighboring streets who attend concerts and other activities on the SLI grounds. It's an opportunity to break-up the long, dark evenings with food, fun, and conversation. Some visit with old friends, others make new friends and learn who-all are "the neighbors in our neighborhood."

Again this year we will gather at the Koinonia Dining Hall on the Asbury Retreat Center grounds at 4 pm, Feb. 2nd where we will enjoy 3 different types of Pizza from Darryl's Pizzeria--one with all toppings (but not anchovies); one with cheese, pepperoni and mushroom; and a few slices of Gluten-Free. Your RSVP will help us prepare adequately for food, soft drinks, and staffing the Hall. When you let us know that you're coming, let us know which style of pizza you would most likely be interested in. Coffee, tea, hot cocoa, water, and juices will also be available. There will be cake and ice cream for dessert.

Last year, conversations were the most popular form of entertainment but there were also those who moved around the room to get a chance to talk to others. Still others enjoyed a game of scrabble and one or two table games which will be available again for those who enjoy them. An additional surprise is being prepared.

Please plan to come (and let us know you're coming) whether or not you are able to donate toward the cost of food and drink. (We have neighbors who are willing to donate more so no neighbor gets left out due to lack of financial means.) Last year we had a substantial "start up" donation which kept the cost minimal. Your donation will be received at the door. A telephone number will be posted here for RSVP's next week or your RSVP can be emailed to: RevGreg@SilverLakeConnection.com or postal mailed to PO Box 19, 14549.  Watch for the Ground Hog in this Newsletter-Blog who will be communicating news and reminders..

On the 10th Day of Christmas ...

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