Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Just 3 More Days to Reserve for Survivors' Party this Saturday, 4p,
2 of which are Forecast as 'Blizzardy'

We, as Mid-Winter Survivors, are not only looking forward to our annual party and gathering this weekend (Saturday, 4 pm, Koinonia Dining Room), but are also hoping that the forecast snow and "blizzard conditions" won't be quite as bad as forecast. We have this hope because as residents of the eastern section of Wyoming County, it seems to be a 50-50 draw as to "weather" or not we receive all that is usually received by the southwestern section and even northern Wyoming. We've been kind of lucky so far, compared to last year, so this one may "get us." But we are, indeed survivors, and we may have some interesting stories to tell on Saturday. 

Three more reservations were received during the day today. I have been happy to hear of so many of you really looking forward to being there. We would like reservations no later than Thursday (Jan. 31 at 5 pm), but your individual donations ($5) can be contributed at the Koinonia indoor Welcome Table in the main dining hall. I will be looking forward to welcoming you as arrive and fill out your name tag. If you see friends or acquaintances, go ahead and talk to them; and at any time you see someone you don't  know, feel free to introduce yourself and find out who folks are. We will again have table games available but last year the conversations kept people busy. One game of Scrabble was played at one table, but everyone got involved in a variety of conversations. 

We are hoping to have 3 guests from the Perry Main Street Association visiting with us who will be happy to informally answer any questions about the amazing progress being made with the building complex at the corner of Main and Covington Streets after years of neglect. The Committee will have another table with the Ground Hog movie playing in the background. In case you haven't guessed, the theme is Ground Hog Day. Cross your fingers that he doesn't see his shadow!

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