Monday, January 21, 2019

Bright Sunshine, Blue Skies
Contrasts with the -1 Temp

Monday morning presents the contrasting sides of old Mother Nature ... the ground heavily covered with snow and the air filled with frigid temps and dangerous wind chills, fully contrasted by the "false warm" beauty of the sun and sky. The reduced number of TSA officers at airports and the snow and plowed snow piles are creating travel difficulties today. The fan in my heater seems to run continuously as the gas kicks on and off in a healthy attempt to keep the inside as close to comfy warm as possible. Nevertheless there is a coldness hanging near the floor that must be overcome with blankets and it does the trick. The other contrast is between what MJK Jr. stood for as opposed to the attitudes of parts of our nation and parts of the nation's leadership. Have a good and meaningful Martin Luther King Jr. Day today!

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