Sunday, January 20, 2019

8:48 am Sunday: Snow has Stopped; Several More Inches had Fallen

In what normally would be referred to as a gentle breeze, in the bitter cold of the morning's 9 degrees, it is now more like an alternating harsh breeze, changing from 0 to 12 in no particular order. The flag waves occasionally in near complete exposure, so obviously over 12 mph. Most of last night's snow continued to arrive in the form of a snow shower, although there were brief bouts of slightly larger flakes. Although cloudy, it is not a dingy day!

In the 9:36 am Radar below, we see our current clearing, but we can also see we have another bout of snow coming soon. The tale end of our coming bout of snow can also be seen on the Radar shot below, courtesy of The Weather Channel. As usual, Dan has done an excellent job of keeping the streets cleared on this Martin Luther King Jr. weekend.

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