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Friday, December 14, 2018

4 SLI Committees Find Winter
Meetings Absolutely Essential

The mission and work of the Silver Lake Institute (SLI) is greatly enhanced by at least four of the SLI committees continuing their work during the "off season." The Executive Committee, made up of SLI's four principle officers, Bill Schaefer, Pete Mairs, Lance Seeber, and Kevin Colburn. They handle the business and legal matters until the full SLI Board meetings resume in April.

The Silver Lake Experience (SLE) Planning Committee, representing SLI and AsburyRC, meets almost every month during a two year period in preparation for the biennial mini-Chautauqua Experience in August of odd numbered years such as the upcoming 4-Day event August 8-11, 2019. The hard work of co-chairs, Kathy Schaefer and Deacon Sue Russell are second only to the hard working members of their vital committee. It won't be long now and the schedule of next  year's event will be appearing on the website for all to see and from which to choose. Watch for the new 2019 schedule at www.silverlakeexperience.org.

The new Communications Committee of the SLI Board continues its preparatory work for the new SLI website being developed to provide a new official presence of the Institute online. The new site will not be a newsletter nor blog but rather it will contain basic information to help persons find mailing addresses, phone numbers and email addresses for SLI officers and committee chairs of the Board. Other standard and unchanging information will be included. The committee will meet this Sunday, December 16th at the home of the chairperson, Glynne Schultz. Once again they have invited the past publisher of the former blog to be present to provide technical and graphic assistance.

The Mid-Winter Survivors' Planning Committee, a task force of the Worship Committee, meets throughout the year as determined by need to plan an annual event for year-round residents of the SLI community. Last year's Pizza Party at Koinonia Inn was a hit and it was determined to do it again without changes for this year also. The Committee will meet on Thursday, December 27, 2018, at 1:00 pm to confirm the details such as who brings what and the extent of the advertising.


Koinonia, Asbury Retreat
January 26, 2019
4 pm to 6:30 pm

Donations Accepted 
for Costs

                                             Choice of Pizza: 
(1) Pizza Fully Topped but not anchovies; 
(2) Pizza with cheese, pepperoni, mushroom
(3) Gluten Free Pizza--All by Darryl's Pizzeria 
Cake, Cookies, and Drink
Table Games Available

To let us know that we should plan on you coming, please call or email
Greg Franklin at 483-8603 or 
RevGreg@SilverLakeConnection.com by January 15, 2019.

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