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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

The Highly Visible 2018 Program Season is Over but the Work of the Committees for 2019 is Already in Play

As the Silver Lake Institute concluded its 2018 Program year this weekend, the Program Committee already has a summer program in mind for next year and the writing of the grants will very shortly be in high gear. All of this planning takes place within constant references to evaluations of what was good this year and what may need tweaking for next year. Their most recent meeting was this past Saturday and already one change for next year will bring the Year-End Concert to a Friday night rather than a Saturday night as it was this year. Attendance was definitely up for the Friday night concerts this year and we can look forward to a continuation of Friday night concerts in 2019.

For a season of transition, the Worship Committee received high marks for its efforts in adapting from a Chaplain model of leadership to a Committee model of leadership. Evaluation of procedures, communication, and other working details has been a constant throughout this change and preparations for next year have already begun. There will once again be two dock services in 2019, one service at Stoody Hall, one service done in conjunction with the Silver Lake Experience on Sunday morning in the Park, and our Lake-wide Memorial Service at Epworth Hall. We already have a substantial number of guest speakers which now must be fit into our available dates for Worship in 2019.

The Grounds Committee has done their annual inspections of the waterfront and resident-members' properties to be sure they meet minimum standards and find out if help may be needed in any possible deficiencies. Institute residents want to give a helping hand to those in need of one. Let Jill (Grounds Committee) or Bill (president of the Board) know. One of the most visible projects this season was the removal of bushes on the west side of Hoag Gallery and the planting of flowers donated by residents along that outer wall. Volunteers also helped to keep it watered.

The Long Range Planning Committee (LRPC) is eager to get the initially edited pages of the new SLI Handbook over to the Executive Committee since it has turned out to be a considerably longer project than originally anticipated and has taken a substantial amount of committee time to accomplish. The Committee is particularly grateful to Suzanne Bristow who has served as editor and typist for this initial stage of updating and is now eager for the project to move on to phase 2 which is the Executive Committee's examination of the work. This was the first full season that the LRPC's four white pillars were in place at the two ends of the Ames Walkway and many like their design and appearance including the Ames neighborhood. (Thanks to Bob Cook.) They will be stored out of the weather over the winter months.

Don't forget that the next Silver Lake Experience (SLE) is August 8-11, again a 4-day event in 2019. Details will be available in the upcoming months at www.silverlakeexperience.org.

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