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Thursday, September 6, 2018

Dear NYSEG: What's Up with this Summer's Electrical Interruptions?

Sometimes we get through a day or two of steady electrical power, but many other days, and some nights, the power goes out, usually, for under one minute. One evening at dinner time the power at the Institute was out for two (2) hours! Two weeks ago an employee at The Club on the west side of the Lake reported that the restaurant experienced a five (5) hour outage which caused them to close. 

A call placed to NYSEG could only tell the caller that NYSEG did not have an explanation for the power interruptions. At least two callers from the Institute received the same type of NYSEG message. Perhaps the explanations never made it to the  NYSEG communications department. One would hate to think that such an important public utility would actually not know what is happening in their system!

The subject of interrupted electrical power came up at last Saturday's SLI Board Meeting. One resident urged the SLI Board leadership to get involved with other local leaders for the purpose of strength and influence in numbers to attempt to get to the bottom of this problem. The problem was acknowledged by the SLI leadership and their potential involvement was indicated. 

The interruptions cause the many and various pieces of electronic equipment in our cottages to require resetting. At least one resident is awakened to loud buzzing when the power goes off in the middle of the night (as a safety feature) but also a massive sleep interruption. As happened again Wednesday evening, it quite often happens twice a day, although there is no strict pattern of time, days or frequency.

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