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Sunday, September 16, 2018

Seeking Readers Lost During
Blog Name Change in February

Back in 2010, two SLI Board Members felt the need for more communication within the Institute and the Board of Trustees agreed to a website. The two Board Members purchased and therefore owned the name "SilverLakeInstitute.org" on the Internet because the SLI Board at that time, did not express interest in owning the Newsletter-Blog. The two Board Members ran the independent Newsletter-Blog under that name of "SilverLakeInstitute.org" for eight years (from 2010 through February of 2018). 

Through an agreement reached between this Newsletter-Blog and the Executive Committee of the SLI Board of Trustees, this Newsletter-Blog donated the "SilvereLakeInstitute.org" internet name over to the Executive Committee in late February of 2018. The SLI Board of Trustees is now working toward owning and running its own static website (basic information as opposed to a newsletter) and is hoping to have it up and running as soon as the new Communications Committee gets it set up.

At the time of the donation of the name, "SilverLakeInstitute.org," the independent Newsletter-Blog chose the new name of SilverLakeConnection.com which is the proper internet domain name for the independent Newsletter-Blog which continues to this day. Some of our regular readers did not get the word about the change of name (and internet location), so they have expressed surprise that we are still around. 

SilverLakeConnetion.com is still free. It's still up and running 24/7, and has many interesting and free features along with daily news and photos from around the Lake, the Silver Lake Institute, the Asbury Retreat Center, and the Silver Lake Experience. Many SLI residents contribute to our news coverage and their ideas are incorporated into the Newsletter-Blog. There is absolutely no cost to the independent Newsletter-Blog and it can be viewed on desktop, laptop, notebook, or cell phone. We believe the Newsletter-Blog is truly "a blog by the community for the community."

Please be sure your neighbors and friends know how to find us! Tell them: https://SilverLakeConnection.com.

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