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Sunday, September 2, 2018

Closing Service Rained Out Near the End, Many Retreated to Hoag
for Wrap Up, Fellowship

Gathering for Closing Worship              
Julie Hoffner, Accompanist (left); (The Rev.) Greg Franklin, Worship Leader for 9/2/18 (right).

Julie Hoffner given Roses in Appreciation for her 50 years as Accompanist. Pictured above from left to right are: Julie; Don Weaver, Chair of Worship Committee; Barb Weaver, member of Worship Committee.

The Service began with beautiful music performed by Julie Hoffner. It was a windy day and she was assisted by Ginny, her friend since college days who served as her page-turner and page-holder. There was a rumble in the public address system caused by the wind, but speakers could be easily heard. Rev. Franklin served as Worship Leader and was assisted by Rev. Tom Kraft and Fred Nobbs who led the congregational singing. The Barger Litany about SLI was responsively spoken followed by the musical prayer, "As the Deer pants for the water, so my soul longs after you...."

Our speakers for the morning were SLI residents Frederick Schuknecht, Julia Hoffner, and (the Rev.) Joanne Brocklehurst. The rain began half way through Julia's presentation. Some folks left for home, most headed for Hoag Gallery where Julie was able to resume and conclude her meaningful words. Joanne brought her thoughts and memories without notes and we found it equally interesting. (Both Julie's and Joanne's content is posted in the password section of this newsletter-blog.) Bill Schaefer, President of SLI came forward and highlighted the season, and then drew the season to a close by the bang of the gavel.

Rev. Tom Kraft led the group in one verse of "Blest Be the Tie that Binds." Rev. Franklin gave the Benediction and Rev. Weaver asked the blessing on the food. The fellowship was assisted by grilled hot dogs in buns, chips, water, brownies and ice cream sandwiches. The rain had stopped by the time we were leaving and we had dried out while in Hoag. This will long be remembered since it was the first mid-service rain-out in the six years of dock services. (Thanks to Nancy Sellar for the photos.)

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