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Friday, September 14, 2018

Bero Architect Firm to Explain Upcoming Project Sept. 26, 2018;
One Year Earlier: The Daily's Editorial

The Bero Architect Firm will give a presentation on the upcoming Epworth Project on Wednesday, Sept. 26, 2018 at Epworth Hall. President Bill Schaefer welcomes all but asks for your RSVP so adequate preparations can be made for this off-season meeting.

Just one year ago this month, the Batavia Daily encouraged the area to support the Epworth Hall Project. The Daily's editorial is re-printed below in full.

Editorial: Now’s the time to preserve Epworth Hall

Sometimes the ability to preserve the past depends on the willingness to respectfully embrace the future.
Such is the case with Epworth Hall, the largest of three assembly halls in the Silver Lake Institute Historic District in Castile. The Epworth Committee is making scheduling changes to better coordinate with outside community events, and is raising funds to work on the roof’s building.
Epworth Hall was built in 1892 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2000. Architect Otis Dyer designed it in the Colonial Revival style of an assembly hall, with open wood beam and frame construction, which has been well preserved. The hall is still in use, for worship services on Sundays during the summer and for a summer concert series on Thursdays. The Epworth Committee has decided to move those Thursday concerts to Fridays.
“A lot happens around Wyoming County on Thursday nights and the Thursday night concert tradition at Epworth (Hall) has been in place for scores of years,” said committee member Loren Penman. “There’s absolutely no reason why we can’t change to Friday night, when many people who come to (Silver Lake) only for the weekend are going to be in attendance.”

While the scheduling change may have an impact on current lake residents and visitors, the roof repair will have more impact for future generations. As Ms. Penman notes, “If there’s no roof to protect the building from the elements, then we’re really in trouble.”
As is the case with most if not all historic buildings, the need for repairs and improvements is a constant concern. In recent years, dehumidifiers and fans were installed to improve air flow in the main seating area, a two-story auditorium with a capacity of around 1,000. A professional lighting system opened the hall to special events such as the Silver Lake Experience. Last year the Epworth Committee raised funds to purchase a new sound system to enhance the already remarkable natural acoustics.
Epworth is a kind of jewel in the jewel box that is the Silver Lake Institute Historic District. Opened as a Methodist Revivalist summer camp in the 1870s, the community transformed into a “little Chautauqua” of cultural, educational and religious summer programs in the 1880s and 1890s. In the early 20th century, it evolved into a secular summer cottage community. Now, in the 21st century, echoes of Chautauqua resound on summer evenings.
It is good to see stewards at work keeping Epworth Hall not only in good condition, but in usable condition, as well. Summer concerts this season have ended. Now comes the work of getting repairs made, and that takes money. Donations are gladly accepted. Checks made out to “Silver Lake Institute” with the roof project on the memo line may be mailed to Silver Lake Institute, P.O. Box 20, Silver Lake, New York 14549.
Update: Checks should be marked "Epworth Project." The project includes the need for a new roof, adequate ventilation for preservation purposes, the elimination of dangerous moisture in the basement rooms, new floor, windows in need of repair meeting historical preservation standards, improved house lighting, electrical outlets, and some rewiring. Fund raising may be needed for several of these upgrades including the floor.

Link to the above Editorial: http://www.thedailynewsonline.com/bdn06/editorial-nows-the-time-to-preserve-epworth-hall-20170915

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