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Thursday, September 13, 2018

A-Walkway Receives its Mid-Sept. Lawn Mowing; Residents Still Enjoying Pillars

The rumble of the SLI lawn mower filled the early afternoon air of the Ames Ave. neighborhood as the walkway received a good late summer cutting--at least up to the bumpers of the two parked vehicles in the walkway since there isn't room to mow around them. One would think that with 16.5 feet of right-of-way, there would be plenty of space for a car and a mower, but over the years some of the property owners have adapted their parcels of land to include the regular use of "several" feet of the walkway's right-of-way. Some owner's doors and porches open directly onto the right-of-way and have for a generation or so. Building permits were not always a prime requirement of years gone by.

Neighbors and friends of the Walkway have publicly thanked other residents whose properties align with Ames Walkway for their kind cooperation with the new 15-minute parking restriction on Ames from July 1 through Labor Day Monday. They have helped to make the Walkway a very inviting place and one with which additional beautification projects, such as lighting and flowers, hold good possibilities of being successful.

Neighbors are also grateful that they can still enjoy the new white pillars highlighting the Walkway at both ends beyond the official season closing date. The plan is to remove the pillars for the winters and return them in the Spring

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