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Sunday, August 12, 2018

Don Weaver Retired from SLI Board, Kris Schultz Elected; SLI Board
Re-Elects Same Officers

August is the charter month for the election of SLI Officers, and this election took place at the meeting held this past weekend in Epworth Hall. The 2018 Nominations Committee determined that the vast majority of the SLI Board wanted to keep the current leadership team in place since they were pleased with the team's work including the creating of an annual budget which plans for the future needs of the organization. 

Last month's annual meeting was the opportunity for members (property owners) of SLI to nominate additional persons to become Trustees. The slate of officers that the Nominations Committee put together received no additional nomination of persons "from the floor" of residents present. Some folks are not cut out for the negotiating and legislating lifestyle. It isn't easy work and not compensated. There were one or two who thought they would run to be a Trustee, but eventually did not even attend the Annual Meeting of Cottage owners.
Some residents will readily admit that some leadership in by-gone years ran for office in order to gain an advantage for themselves or their property. Leadership should always be a priority for each of us, and when we find leaders willing to work for others and the community (as we have now), we should be vigilant in fully supporting them and thanking them. Not everything can go "our way," but let us continue to stand for "the greatest good for the greatest number of people."

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