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Friday, August 17, 2018

Thursday's Blackout Remains
Unexplained by NYSEG

Thursday's two-hour electrical blackout affected 1,376 households and occurred during the traditional dinner hour. The outage preceded a Thundershower which created an additional darkening effect because of the heavy cloud cover. The official reason for it is "unknown / undetermined." We have had more power disruptions this year than last--even the one- or two-minutes power outages are inconvenient because of the clocks and other electronic products which send signals about a power outage, often waking us up in the night and having to "run around the house" updating the many and various electronic instruments requiring attention.

Prior to the updating and expansion of the power station at Silver Lake Road and Route 20A, we were told that power shortage problems would be solved. It now appears after all that money and effort, something is still wrong with the NYSEG system. Let's hope the Russians aren't practicing hacking on the smaller sections of the system in preparation for a much larger attack. The last we checked it was the year 2018 and blackouts and brownouts should have been relegated to the previous millennium. The problem is bad enough, but the lack of understanding and explanation of the problem is even worse.

We encourage you to phone NYSEG so they will understand we are not sitting still over this problem. Power Interruptions or emergencies: 1-800-572-1131--option #2 (24 hours a day).

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