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Friday, August 31, 2018

150 Fans Come Out Friday
Night for the Old Hippies

Last year there were 165 adults plus 7 children present. Tonight's 150 includes 4 children in the count. Their program was excellent and drew bouts of extended applause. There was talk of their return for next year.

Mark Emmerson Releases Agenda for
SL Association's Sept. 8th Meeting

I. Call to Order                                                  VI. Committee's Report
II. Pledge to the Flag                                         VII. Old Business
III. Approval of Meeting Minutes                         VIII. New Business
IV. Treasurer’s ReportI                                        X. Adjournment
V. President’s Report       
9:00 am at The Club

In 2017 the Old Hippies Drew 165 Fans to Epworth Hall; Old Hippies Return Tonight to Epworth Hall at 7:30

Jim Sweet, Vinny Pastore, Kay and Bill McDonald kept the audience spell bound for an hour during last year's visit. In turn, the audience kept the Old Hippies captive for an additional half hour, losing less than 1% of their audience during that last, extra half hour. Kay proclaimed the entire audience as being their friends after they sang a beautiful song about friends "staying forever young." Each musician was featured in solo specials including the picalo played by Kay, the harmonica and the accordion played by Bill. The audience seemed quite taken by all the sound effects that the fiddler was able to get out of his instrument. (Photo above by Nancy Sellar.)

* $2500 was the donation total received for Epworth upgrades. We're looking to upgrade house lighting, wiring, and eventually a new floor.




GAF (3)
See You Tonight!

Thursday, August 30, 2018

SLI Welcome Signs Have
Now Been Updated

The three signs that welcome people onto the Silver Lake Institute have now been updated to reflect the Institute's status of independence from the United Methodist Church which took place in February of 2016. The signs were planned and installed before the independence agreement and contained the official United Methodist Church insignia or registered trade mark in the left and right lower corners of each sign.

The update was finally completed to have the insignia, a "cross and flame," replaced with a simple cross which points to SLI's Worship program and its long history of Christianity within the United Methodist (since 1968), Methodist (since 1939), and Methodist Episcopal Church (since its inception in 1784). The signs were updated earlier this week and reported on Wednesday by the LRP Committee. The welcome signs are located at the intersections of Camp Rd. and Perry Ave., Camp Rd. and Lakeview Ave., and Chapman Rd. and Janes Ave. (one block east of Perry Ave.). 

Stories of Family, Friends, Familiar Faces; Meaningful Experiences, Unforgettable Memories:
Sunday at the Dock

Another popular tradition carries on as we gather on the Dock Sunday morning, Sept. 2nd. Sunday will be the season's closing program with the SLI President gaveling it officially closed. The Service is highlighted by three (3) resident speakers who will talk informally about their personal stories and family histories here at the Institute.

Our resident speakers will be Fred Schuknecht, Julie Hoffner, and Joanne Brocklehurst--each with long, rich family histories here at the Institute. Another highlight will be the responsive reading of the Walt and Jeanne Barger Litany (prayer of thanksgiving) about the Institute. Hymns relevant to the special day include "Lord, You Have Come to the Lakeshore," "Great is Thy Faithfulness," and "Blest Be the Tie that Binds."

The Closing Gavel will be struck following the Benediction, just prior to the "Hot Dog Fellowship," and will be done by the current and capable leader of the Institute, Bill Schaefer, who serves as its president. All persons around the Lake and surrounding communities are invited to be with us Sunday. Bring a lawn chair for comfort and in case there is a shortage of chairs.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Want a Big Send-Off for this Season?
Here's What's Left for Last 5 Days:

  • FRIDAY 7:30 PM AT EPWORTH -- Last 2018 Friday Concert:
  • SATURDAY  1-5 PM AT HOAG -- "CLOSE-UPS"--Photo Show&Sale
  • SATURDAY 7:30 PM AT EPWORTH -- End of the Season Concert:

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

SLI Trustees to Gather for Monthly Meeting this Saturday at
Epworth, 10 am

The regular monthly meeting of the Silver Lake Institute Trustees will meet this Saturday, Sept. 1, 2018, at Epworth Hall. The meeting will commence at 10:00 am and have a set wrap up time of 12:00 Noon or until finished. Resident-Members of SLI are welcome at the meeting. Visitors, such as the Resident-Members will be given a time at the beginning of the meeting to express concerns or thank you's during the "Visitors' Time."

Committees should plan to turn in their budget needs for 2019 at this meeting, so the budget can be put together this month and be ready to vote on it at the October meeting. October will be the last "in person" meeting of the full board. The Executive Committee will handle business from November through March, by authority of the full Board in October.

Closing Service at the Dock for the 2018 SLI Season Set for this
Sunday, Sept. 2

The Big Blue Dock will be the scene this Sunday for the Annual Seasonal Closing Service beginning at 10:30 am. This will be immediately followed by the popular "Hot Dog Fellowship" with cookies and drink. This year the Adult Wheels Parade will start at 1:00 pm, so the Season will be going out with colorfully decorated golf carts, lawn tractors, bicycles, power wheelchairs, and walkers!

The Service will feature the Walt and Jeanne Barger Litany used as a prayer of reflection, and the popular hymn, "Lord, You Have Come to the Lakeshore." Also featured will be our three resident speakers, giving brief histories, memories, and what the SLI has meant to them. The informal speaking order will be long-time residents: Fred Schuknecht, Julie Hoffner, and (the Rev.) Joanne Brocklehurst.

Closing highlights include the hymn "Blest Be the Tie that Binds," the lowering of the Gavel by SLI President Bill Schaefer, and the free lunch. Come to celebrate the season and to say Goodbye to friends 'til next time.

Closing Service from Sept. 4, 2016.

Last Two Concerts of 2018 Season Set for this Friday and Saturday Nights

  • The closing of the Friday Night Series of Concerts is this Friday and will feature The Old Hippies. Concert time is 7:30 pm at Epworth Hall.


  • The Annual End of the Season Concert is this Saturday evening and will feature Grizzwoode. Concert time is 7:30 pm at Epworth Hall.

Grizzwoode - a blend of classic rock
with some modern tunes thrown in here and there
Attachments area

Monday, August 27, 2018

LRPC Works on Handbook at Saturday's Meeting, Affirms Value of Loose-
Leaf Edition of Handbook

Those committee members present at the Long Range Planning Committee's (LRPC) Saturday meeting, read over the sections marked up for review and proofing and then approved their work. Following the final editorial touches by Suzanne Bristow who has done 100% of the re-typing part of the updating job, it was the consensus of the LRPC to forward the first three sections on to the Executive Committee who will eventually bring them to the full Board.

The LRPC agreed that the completing of the committee's part of the Handbook update is a time for which everyone on the committee is longing, and particularly Suzanne who has worked so diligently, long and hard to accomplish this time absorbing project. They agreed that because of the amounts of time and energy required for handbook updates, they reaffirmed the proposed loose-leaf edition which would allow for only new editions, on a regular and ongoing basis, to be inserted, as opposed to rewriting and retyping the whole book.

The second priority is to get the planned garden around the three new memorial signs in Burt Park completed as soon as possible to enable easier lawn mowing and to provide an attractive base drawing further attention and interest in the signs. Contact with persons who may be interested in doing this work will be made.

The third priority is to complete the first phase of the Ames Avenue Walkway. The two white pillars were up for the entire 2018 season and it is the hope that the two signs that designate the walkway can be installed this fall. Location is the current issue and the Silver Lake Connection is in favor of a midway placement between the two white pillars. 

The rationale for the midway placement is based on the original intention of closing off both ends of Ames Avenue Walkway to traffic, allowing winter vehicular traffic to total access by way of the two paved roads of Hamline and Haven Avenues. This placement will also allow for the repair of the vehicle ruts on the south end of the walkway and cut back on the further damage which occurred this year. Such placement would greatly enhance the view of the walkway from Perry Ave. and from Epworth Hall.
Board-Approved Sign for Walkway

There is no damage at the north end, but the midway placement of the second sign would help to keep it from being damaged by tire tracks and ruts in the long off season. The following is a photo-shopped reproduction created for the sole purpose of helping folks to picture what the new signs would look like if placed midway between the pillars. It is an unofficial proposal, first and foremost for use by the LRPC committee. Community input is of course welcome. Use one of the following contact means: (1) comment section below; (2) RevGreg@SilverLakeConnection.com. (3) 483-8603.

Some of the ruts and mud holes from tire damage are visible here on the south end which is the Epworth Hall end. The goal is to have a smooth, flat, grassy area on which to walk as opposed to the current damage which seems to be getting worse as time progresses.

Sunday, August 26, 2018

SLI Resident Mike Turner Heads Up the Mojo Chunk Band which Played Saturday Night, Aug. 25

Stoody Hall Outdoor Stage 7:30-8:30 pm.
Mike Turner is pictured on the right.
(Photo by J. Hoffner)

In Memoriam
John S. McCain III


Last Service at Epworth for Season Draws Presbyterian Guest Speaker
and the Annual Silver Lake Choir

Sunday morning, August 26th, marked the last eight (8) days of the 2018 Season --the last at Epworth Hall. The Closing Service will be one week later, Sunday, September 2nd, and be held at the Big Blue Dock and will be the last for 2018. Next week's service begins at 10:30 am. The Annual Hot Dog Fellowship will immediately follow. The Adult Big Wheels Parade follows that 1:00 pm.

This morning's service was highlighted by special guest, the Rev. Elena Delgato of Central Presbyterian Church, Buffalo. Elena was our guest speaker of the morning. Our thanks to Mollie Anthony for making this contact for us. Elena's message, "Baby Eyes," was both thought provoking and inspirational. The once-a-year Silver Lake Choir, made up of one-hour volunteers, did a great job on their special music. Muriel Small directed both the all volunteer rehearsal and the beautiful presentation during the service hour.

Many thanks to the extra efforts put in to this week's service preparation by the Rev.  Doug Spencer who served as Worship Leader; Suzanne Bristow (bulletins and table prep); Julia Hoffner (accompanist); Muriel Small (choir director); Joan Maddison (food prep and service, ushers); the Rev. Greg Franklin (recruiter; content and order of worship); and the Rev. Doug Wilson (worship leader coordinator).

 Silver Lake Choir 2018 sang a choral arrangement of
"Take My Life and Let It Be Consecrated, Lord, to Thee"
Directed by Muriel Small (left)
Accompaniment by Julia Hoffner (2nd from left)

(The Rev.) Doug Spencer,
Worship Leader 8-26-18
(The Rev.) Elena Delgato,
Guest Speaker 8-26-18

  • Sunday, September 2, 10:30 am, Guest Speakers: Three (3) SLI Residents:......
Frederick Schuknecht, Julia Hoffner, and (the Rev.) Joanne Brocklehurst

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Silver Lake Rocks Project Draws
an Artist from Bennington, NY:
Had to 'Experience for Herself'

Cindy heard it ‘CJ’ radio ...
Welcome Cindy!

Story and Photos by Lisa Schiske

Rock Painting is Enjoyed
by All Saturday Afternoon

Rock Painting at the Hoag
Photos by Julie Hoffner
Anyone wishing to identify persons in the photo may send them to RevGreg@SilverLakeConnection.com or call 483-8603.


The Band at Stoody Coffee House
Saturday - 7:30 pm

Early Afternoon:

Friday, August 24, 2018

87 Attend Kelly's Square
Dance at Epworth Hall

Kelly's Square Dance Band

One of the Squares

... and another

We had some trouble processing the videos on the new computer. We'll keep at it between other projects.

4th Annual Appreciation Dinner Awards Framed Certificates of Appreciation for Volunteer Work at Institute

Koinonia Dining Room

Sharon Pratt (left); Don Weaver (right)

Mrs. Rando for Jim Rando (left); Loren Penman (right)

Kathy Schaefer (left); Bill Schaefer (right)

Thursday, August 23, 2018

'Desert on the Dock'
Moved to Hoag to Stay Dry

Twenty-five (25) adults and children came out for "Desert on the Dock" and quickly found the gathering at the Hoag. There were plenty of tables and chairs and plenty of deserts to go around with leftovers. Lots of good conversation and meeting of neighbors, friends, and new acquaintances.

Appreciation Dinner Set to Recognize Deserving, Hard-Working Residents

The annual dinner is set for this evening and those being recognized have received their invitations, along with family members, friends, and the Trustees. Word went out for months to nominate deserving persons for recognition and tonight is the culmination of this recognition. 

The Dinner is also a time of fellowship among people sometimes a little too busy to visit with friends as often as they would like. Silver Lake Connection will carry photos of those recognized and some of the other guests within range of the camera. Best of luck for the many deserving folks.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Members, Residents of SLI Community will gather on the Big Blue Dock this Evening for Dessert on the Dock

Persons begin to gather shortly after 7 pm, although the starting time is actually 7:30 pm. The rain location is Hoag Gallery across the street. Come join your neighbors for good conversations and a wide variety of tasty sweets. Some will remain to observe the sunset, weather permitting; although on at least one occasion, the sunset was observed and photographed though the windows of Hoag Gallery.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Please Pray ...

... for Jane Pascoe who has returned to Strong Hospital in a weakened condition. Pray also for her family.

Last Class ...

"Sentence Yourself to a Better Life," taught by Jessie Barth, will meet for the last time later this morning at 9:30 for the conclusion of the 3-week series being conducted at Hoag Gallery. Joanne Brocklehurst and Dick Barth assisted.

Monday, August 20, 2018

2018 Worship Program: Great Speakers, Great Music, Great Locations, Great Attendance

The Worship & Spirituality Committee met this morning to evaluate the 2018 program season and from that made some decisions with regards to the 2019 program season. The full report is rather lengthy, therefore the following is a brief summary--unofficial and currently unapproved. The Committee will be recommending some, all, or portions of the following to the SLI Board:
  • That this year's SLI Choir (Aug. 26) be recruited from Kenmore UMC and the Thursday Appreciation Dinner with the rehearsal being at 9 am Sunday;
  • That the Guest Speakers for the Closing Service at the Dock (Sept. 2) be Fred Schuknecht, Julie Hoffner, and Joanne Brocklehurst;
  • That as much emphasis continue to be placed on the quality and enthusiasm of guest speakers as is placed on the denominational diversity of guest speakers;
  • That the nine (9) worship services in 2019 begin on July 7, 2019 as opposed to June 30 which the Committee designates as being too early;
  • That the advertising in the Shopper for the weekly Worship Service which includes the Kids Korner be increased to weekly;
  • That the Committee is in agreement with being the fourth (4th) day of the SLE (known in 2017 as Bonus Day) on August 11, 2019, and coordinating it with the Asbury Retreat Center, Program Committee, and the SLE Committee to include Chaplain Mark Harris as Guest Speaker, Hot Dog Fellowship following Worship, and Concert immediately following Fellowship.
  • That the Committee unanimously recommends the continuing "committee approach" to Worship planning and execution, as opposed to the previous plan of chaplaincy.

Former Chaplain Responds
   The Rev. Greg Franklin, Retired Chaplain of the Silver Lake Institute, was asked at the meeting for his opinion, having served as Chaplain and now having served within the committee model, which would work best for the Silver Lake Institute. He said he was 100% behind the current committee model for the worship program--both planning and execution and was fully enjoying his time as a member of the worship team. 

More bullet points:

Sunday, August 19, 2018

The Week At a Glance

Don't Forget: Our Favorite Scientist-Theologian, Dr. Bill Russell, is our Guest Speaker Sunday Morning

UPDATE: Good Service--Good Spirit, Avg. August Attendance
For an inspirational sermon that will probably sound more like a Chautauqua Lecture, be sure to join us Sunday Morning, August 19, 2018, in Epworth Hall beginning at 10:30 am. Rev. Doug Wilson will lead us in Worship and Rev. Joanne Brocklehurst our morning accompanist. 

Our guest vocalist is Eileen Witheral who returns after several years' absence from Epworth. Rev. Greg Franklin will introduce Bill by request of leadership, even though Bill has been with us annually for a number of years. Julie Hoffner is at her granddaughter's baptism today.

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Project Linus 2018 Draws Near to a
Close with the Saturday Quilt Show

Loren Penman Photo

Loren Penman Photo
Loren Penman Photo
Loren Penman Photo

LRPC, Worship & Spirituality Plan
End-of-Season Meetings this Week

At least two committees have set meetings for this week, to evaluate the status of their work at this near-ending-point of the active 2018 Season. Following the evaluation of the completed work, the committees will turn their attention to the future--first and foremost--the 2019 Season.

Long Range Planning Committee (LRPC) will meet Saturday, Aug. 25, 11 am (LRPC members only).

Worship & Spirituality Committee (Worship) will meet Monday, Aug. 20, 10 am (Worship members only).

The 2018 Season is Quickly Running Out: Two Calendar Weeks Remain

3 SLI Member-Only Breakfasts (2 after this weekend).
3 Worship Services (2 after this weekend) - August 19 (Bill Russell, PhD);
. . . . . . . . . . . . . .August 26 (Eleana Delgato); September 2 (Dock).
1 (Last Class) - August 21 - "Sentence Yourself to a Better Life" (Hoag).
1 Invitation-Only Appreciation Dinner  - August 23.
1 Square Dance - August 24 (Epworth).
2 Concerts - August 31 and September 1 (both Epworth).

Friday, August 17, 2018

Trilogy Draws 90 at Epworth Hall;
Elise Kelly Fills in for Guy Macaluso

Trilogy put on a very enjoyable program Friday night with sing-a-long music of the 50s, 60s, and 70s. There were 85 adults and 5 children in attendance. Trilogy member, Guy Macaluso was on vacation, so Elise Kelly was asked to fill in on base. She also sang a song from her individual repertoire. The audience was very pleased with the show.

Thursday's Blackout Remains
Unexplained by NYSEG

Thursday's two-hour electrical blackout affected 1,376 households and occurred during the traditional dinner hour. The outage preceded a Thundershower which created an additional darkening effect because of the heavy cloud cover. The official reason for it is "unknown / undetermined." We have had more power disruptions this year than last--even the one- or two-minutes power outages are inconvenient because of the clocks and other electronic products which send signals about a power outage, often waking us up in the night and having to "run around the house" updating the many and various electronic instruments requiring attention.

Prior to the updating and expansion of the power station at Silver Lake Road and Route 20A, we were told that power shortage problems would be solved. It now appears after all that money and effort, something is still wrong with the NYSEG system. Let's hope the Russians aren't practicing hacking on the smaller sections of the system in preparation for a much larger attack. The last we checked it was the year 2018 and blackouts and brownouts should have been relegated to the previous millennium. The problem is bad enough, but the lack of understanding and explanation of the problem is even worse.

We encourage you to phone NYSEG so they will understand we are not sitting still over this problem. Power Interruptions or emergencies: 1-800-572-1131--option #2 (24 hours a day).

Temperatures More Agreeable for Tonight's Concert than Yesterday's 85

It wasn't just the 85 Thursday but the excessive humidity that added to the slight discomfort of the mid-August day. A thundershower entered the late afternoon picture yesterday around dinnertime. Almost immediately the air began to change, washing out the excessive humidity and cooling down the air temperature. An afternoon shower is supposed to do the same thing for late Friday afternoon, making the concert time a very pleasant 79 or less.

This is Trilogy's first concert on the Epworth stage, but we already know at least two of the musicians that make up Trilogy--Erie Kelly and Guy Macaluso. We look forward to this new opportunity which begins at 7:30 pm.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

TRILOGY: 1st Time on Epworth Stage, But Familiar Musicians! Rated: 5 of 5

FRIDAY, 7:30 pm




Aretha Franklin

Passed at the Age of 76

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Second Computer Failure Halts Blog; Back Up in Less than 24 Hours

We have been working with a rented computer since our primary computer crashed earlier this month. The rented the computer just experienced a partial crash earlier this morning, Wednesday, seriously hindering our work. We are currently using the cell phone for this message. Repair begins tomorrow, Thursday.
Now we have to turn our attention to the Sunday Bulletin which the order of worship is complete but the file is in the failed computer. We hope to be back to some place near-normal later tomorrow, Thursday, or Friday. Thank you for your patience during this frustrating time.

Dr. William Russell will be Speaking on 'Foundations' this Sunday, August 19th

The Rev. Bill Russell, PhD, is one of our unique summer speakers who often takes a scholastic and scientific approach to his preaching, thereby sounding more like a Chautauqua lecturer than a Methodist preacher. Some of our residents enjoy the depth of this style, and a few come especially to worship when they know he is speaking. Bill Russell was very well received at last year's SIlver Lake Experience's Bonus Sunday when some got to hear him for the first time. Come and enjoy a challenging message and welcome Bill and Mary Jane Russell (no relation to Sue).

The Rev. Doug Wilson will be the Worship Leader and the Rev. Greg Franklin will officially introduce Bill as our guest speaker. The Rev. Joanne Brocklehurst will be the keyboard accompanist for the morning and our guest vocalist is Eileen Witheral.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

SLI Board Hears 'Everyone Hates the Speed Bumps' but 'Everyone Knows How Much We Need Them'

The dilemma of the Lakeview Ave. Speed Bumps is real--they are not liked by anyone. They interfere with a pleasant ride along the lakefront and adds to the wear and tear on our motor vehicles. When a discussion comes about such as the one that took place at the recent SLI Board meeting, everyone seems to agree with the arguments against having them. Yet before the discussion is over, there is an equally loud cry for the need to keep speed bumps in place--drivers ignore the stop signs and the speed limit signs, making the popular lakefront road a rather dangerous strip for children and the elderly.

Local residents may not like them, but they do like the safety results of having them. There are some that say we should have the speed-registering cameras that are empowered to send traffic tickets to the offenders, but that pipe dream rarely makes it into the serious discussions. The greatest fear seems to be for the children--specifically the visiting grandchildren who are not accustomed to narrow paved areas resembling their driveways back home as instead being a dangerous road here. The local neighbors see a lot of potential for an accident or injury to a child as they observe them in play and then also observe the habits of local drivers.

Safety features are not always appreciated in the beginning--remember when car seat belts first became mandatory? Let's be thankful that speed bumps are used only during 1/6th of the calendar year which is just 10 weeks of the 52.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Perry Shopper to Provide More
Copies to SLI Beginning this Friday

The complaint is an old one--there are never enough Perry Shoppers to go around for Institute residents during the summer. A recent advertisement placed by the SLI Worship Committee triggered the need for a copy of the "Shopper" to verify its publication. In the absence of a copy, proof of publication had to be emailed.

In hearing that there was still a lack of copies at the Institute, the Perry Shopper office volunteered to get more copies to us right away. Paying customers quite often get results, but to insure this is true, we ask residents to keep us posted as to whether or not there are copies for them available at the "Perry Shopper" distribution box outside the SLI Office door. Call 483-8603 or email greg.franklin.perry.ny@gm.ail.com if there were not enough copies for you to have one beginning this Friday and Saturday. Thank you.

The Week at a Glance

Tuesday, August 14 and 21 -- Words to a Better Life -- Hoag Art
                                                 Gallery -- 9:30 to 11:30 am.
Wednesday, August 15 -- Piecemakers Quilt Group  -- Hoag Art
                                          Gallery -- 9:30 to Noon.

                                          Dessert on the Dock for SLI residents --
                                          7:30 pm.

Thursday, August 16 --  Art Group --Hoag Art Gallery --
                                        9:00 to 11:30 am.

Friday, August 17 -- Trilogy Band -- Epworth Stage -- 7:30 pm.

Saturday, August 18 --  Morning Cafe for SLI residents -- 8 to 10 am.

                                       Piecemakers Quilt Show -- Hoag Art Gallery
                                      1:00 to 3:00 pm.
                                       Come see the quilts made here at SLI that are
                                       donated to the children of the Rochester area.

Sunday, August 19 -- Worship Service at Epworth Hall -- 10:30 am.
                                    Guest Speaker: The Rev. Bill Russell, PhD.
                                    Worship Leader: The Rev. Doug Wilson.
                                    Guest Vocalist: Eileen Witheral.
                                    Guest Accompanist: Rev. Joanne Brocklehurst.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Don Weaver Retired from SLI Board, Kris Schultz Elected; SLI Board
Re-Elects Same Officers

August is the charter month for the election of SLI Officers, and this election took place at the meeting held this past weekend in Epworth Hall. The 2018 Nominations Committee determined that the vast majority of the SLI Board wanted to keep the current leadership team in place since they were pleased with the team's work including the creating of an annual budget which plans for the future needs of the organization. 

Last month's annual meeting was the opportunity for members (property owners) of SLI to nominate additional persons to become Trustees. The slate of officers that the Nominations Committee put together received no additional nomination of persons "from the floor" of residents present. Some folks are not cut out for the negotiating and legislating lifestyle. It isn't easy work and not compensated. There were one or two who thought they would run to be a Trustee, but eventually did not even attend the Annual Meeting of Cottage owners.
Some residents will readily admit that some leadership in by-gone years ran for office in order to gain an advantage for themselves or their property. Leadership should always be a priority for each of us, and when we find leaders willing to work for others and the community (as we have now), we should be vigilant in fully supporting them and thanking them. Not everything can go "our way," but let us continue to stand for "the greatest good for the greatest number of people."

Unscientific Sample: 9 out of 10 Retired United Methodist Clergy
Prefer SLI for Summer Worship

In a service open to every one, we counted five retired pastors and their spouses, three retired pastors without their spouses, and one part-time student pastor with her spouse who is a clergy tax accountant. There were approximately 50 who were in attendance in this morning's worship service at Epworth Hall. Fellowship time afterwards included ice cream sundaes--a perfect ending to a perfect morning! 
Penman Photos (3)

This morning's Guest Speaker is a former Kindergarten teacher, part-time student pastor in the Presbyterian Church and is also in retail sales. Loren Penman, who has known Erin since her teaching days, introduced her to the Epworth congregation:

Erin has a Bachlor's degree in English from Ithaca College, a Master's degree in education from the University of Rochester, and a Master's degree from Princeton Theological Seminary. She was a former kindergarten teacher at Alexander Elementary School and a current Student Supply Pastor at East Bethany Presbyterian Church which just recently celebrated its 200th anniversary last year. All this by the age of 35!

Bethany Presbyterian Church will Join the SLI Worship Service this Sunday Along with their Pastor, Rev. Jacobson

Rev. Erin Jacobson is the Worship Committee's Guest Speaker for SLI Worship this Sunday and she has invited her congregation to join us in worship that we might both worship together and get to know each other a little. Erin anticipates that between 10 and 12 of their congregation will follow her to Epworth Hall later this morning at 10:30 am. 

Special refreshments have been planned for this special occasion during fellowship time. Jessie Barth will bring special music and Rev. Doug Wilson is the Worship Leader for the day. Julie Hoffner will be the accompanist. All are invited to join us in this Service.

Dr. William Bright Addresses Water Notices Affecting SLI and Corral

Dr. Bright, a Professor of Chemistry at SUNY Buffalo addressed the SLI Trustees Saturday and explained that he is troubled by the imperfect testing system apparently being used to test the SLI- Sutton Track-Charcoal Corral water system. Prof. Bright stated that in the past two years, four notifications have been sent to residents about water not meeting one of the minimum standards.

Chuck Dusel and Kris Schultz joined in on the three way conversation as the Trustees listened in and raised a few additional questions. Chuck said he could get ahold of the official water reports so that it could be determined how the testing was being done.

President Bill Schaefer asked the three Trustees who knew the most about the subject if they would be willing to work together to get some answers. They agreed to get together when Chuck has the water reports that they will be able to study them and know where to go from there.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

SLI Trustees Accept Check for Architectural Study of Epworth Hall

During the regular monthly meeting of the SLI Trustees Saturday morning, Bill Schaefer, Board President (left), stopped to welcome a guest representative from the Wyoming Foundation who was there to present a check for $3,322.00 to be used for an Architectural Study of Epworth Hall,  The.study is to determine what circulation methods need to be used before the new roof is installed to insure longer life for the roof. (Hoffman Photo)
Back row, left to right: Bill Schaefer and Foundation Representative. Front row, left to right, Sharon Pratt and Bob Cook.

Artisans' Show is a Huge Success with Upwards of 75 Visitors; Very High Level of Interest in Fred's New Clothing Line

Pages in the Guest Book began to fill in early in the afternoon and never really slowed up. It is estimated that at least a page worth of visitors missed signing the book, bringing the estimated number of visitors to 75. The Artisans event was basically a show, but prices were available for those who simply had to what they viewed.

As  for Fred Schuknecht's new handmade clothing line, the racks remained busy all afternoon and the fish-printed designs began flying off the hangers. The photo above was near the beginning of the show. Later, the racks appeared considerably trimmed down. Many visitors hung out to talk and a number of introductions were made. It was a good afternoon. (Hoffner Photo)

George Miller Hits Another Musical Home Run Friday Evening

(Hoffner Photo)
George Miller opened his show on the Epworth Stage with a familiar piece from the Italian opera of the same name. His rendition onf O Sole Mia was superb, as was his closing aria, Nussum Dorma. For those who love famous opera songs were both pleased and disappointed--pleased with the quality of his baritone voice and his magnificent control over it; --disappointed because there was only two opera picks and his classical training made many long for more.

To Dream the Impossible Dream, Somewhere Over the Rainbow and You'll Never Walk Alone are three examples of the Depression-WWII era songs that he presented in quality tones and voice control. He received applause for each and every one of his choices of songs for us.

The last portion of the concert was motivated by his recent stent surgery, having failed his stress test and the discovery of a 90% arterial blockage. He said he was dedicating the last portion of the concert to God, who he felt was responsible for prolonging his life and service. His choices of faith-type songs were sincere and very meaningful as he could be seen wiping away occasional moisture being released from his eyes. He received extended applause and a standing ovation for his inspirational music by several enthusiastic fans.

Friday, August 10, 2018

Monthly Meeting of SLI Trustees is Tomorrow, 10 am, at Epworth

Saturday morning, the SLI Trustees will gather for their August meeting to handle the monthly business of the Board and its various committees. The election of officers will also take place at this August meeting. All residents are welcome to attend and contribute at the appropriate time at the very beginning.

George Miller Returns to
Epworth Hall Tonight at 7:30

"Music from the Stage" is the title of George Miller's Friday Night program at Epworth. His gifted tenor-baritone voice will sing music from well known stage plays, musicals, and possibly an opera aria or two.  Most of Miller's music will be the type that you wind up tapping your foot, clapping with the beat, or even singing along. Come out and enjoy an hour of beautiful and inspiring music.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Dessert on the Dock Drew New
and Old Residents Plus Children

What a fantastic variety of delicious desserts Wednesday evening. Equally important was the good time had by those at our table who were reflecting on old memories from the Institute. The other table and those on the Dock benches also appeared to be enjoying themselves. Julie Hoffner reminded us that Friday night at Epworth we will have George Miller entertaining. He brings a great program.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

From Lisa Schiske -- Saw this on my walk ....a family decided to ‘grill out’ at Burt Park .... really warmed my heart! 

Monday, August 6, 2018

George Miller Returns to Epworth Hall this Friday with 'Music from the Stage'

This Friday, our weekly concert at SLI is a return visit of George Miller by popular demand. Come Friday and enjoy an hour of beautiful and inspiring music beginning at 7:30 pm.

Last Year, "A Night on Broadway," was a super big hit at Epworth Hall and contained many great show tunes in a broad range of decades. In addition to "To Dream the Impossible Dream," "When You Walk Through a Storm," and "It is Well with My Soul," Mr. Miller received considerable applause to his rendition of "Nessun Dorma" which in English is "None shall sleep. "Nessun Dorma" is an aria from the final act of Giacomo Puccini's opera Turandot and one of the best-known tenor arias in all opera. He received extended applause for the night of special music by this excellent baritone.

'Words to a Better Life'
Begins this Tuesday at 9:30 am

Jessie Barth will lead a three-week (August 7, 14, 21) hosted by Joanne Brocklehurst at the Hoag Memorial Art Gallery beginning this Tuesday, August 7, at 9:30 am to 11:30 am.

More Scenes from the August 5th Celebration of Amphitheater-
Silver Lake Chautauqua

Barbershop Chorus files in to the front of the tent (above).
 Part of the Warsaw Barbershop Chorus is pictured above.

Chaplain Mark Harris (standing);
Rev. Greg Franklin, Worship Committee
and today'sWorship Leader.
What a great day it turned out to be Sunday, August 5th, in Bishop Burke Park where our worship service "under the tent" highlighted the centennial year of the end of the Silver Lake Chautauqua style of doing things. The arson of the Amphitheater signaled the end of the era..

Hospice Chaplain Mark Harris, pictured to the left, was the guest speaker of the morning. He traveled from Harrisburg to be with us. The Warsaw Barbershop Chorus also sang and provided a beautiful ending to a very good service. Appreciation is extended for the above photos to Sue Hunter and Lisa Schiske.

Built in 1888, it had an arched roof 32 feet high and  was 80 feet by 120 feet in size. The cost was $2,000.

The construction included plenty of open space for air circulation including at the very top where both light and air could be controlled.