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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Wednesday's Temperature is Like Taking a Step into Mid-Summer,
Only with a Lot Fewer People

Temperatures along the Institute lake shore maintained 75-77 degrees from early afternoon. Haven Avenue hit 80 at 2:20 pm. Temperature at the Silver Lake Outlet was measured at 84 at 2:20 pm. Shortly after 3 pm, the clouds began to block most of the sun, cutting back the temperatures in the area by several degrees. Shortly after 4 pm the sun returned and so did the lost degrees. It was still 80 at 5:00. A mild wind continued throughout the day but did not make it uncomfortable. The Lake was rippled with wakes coming in at the eastern shore from a south westerly direction.

Enjoyed a street side chat with Sharon Pratt who with husband Craig was up today opening up their cottage with help from Jim Rando. I stopped briefly to greet Cindy Adams who was in conversation with Bob Buza. Yesterday's street side chat was with Deb Mistal. All three "conversations" included talking about surviving the long, cold, snowy winter. Hans Schuknecht is up visiting his parents, Fred and Esther, and to help him retrieve his car from their Rochester garage. Tom Kraft was seen this past weekend on Fillmore doing his spring yard work, and I enjoyed a visit with Doug Wilson earlier today. Doug, along with his wife Nancy, will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary next month--warm and hearty congratu-lations and best wishes from your friends and neighbors.

With such a summery day, it seemed a little odd to be driving the Institute roads and not seeing a lot more people. Also odd was the warmth of the day and yet the bareness of trees and brush not yet willing to put forth their green leaves, although more of the spring flowers are braving the uncertainty of the first week of May following our wintry April. So far, we've had two absolutely gorgeous days.

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