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Sunday, May 6, 2018

Epworth Hall Needs Funds for New Roof, New Floor, plus Repair or Replacement of Front Pillar

The Epworth Hall Committee met following this month's Trustee Meeting to hear that the current asbestos tile floor has many loose, cracked and warped tiles creating a danger for both audience and performers. Some performing groups are too large for the stage, so they expand onto the main, tiled floor. Such is the case for the first concert of the 2018 Season when the Perry Community Band will be at Epworth that first Friday night of July at 7:30 pm.

There is a Roof Fund but it is estimated to be at about 10% of what is needed to cover such a large roof area. There is also an Epworth Hall Fund, but it, too, is estimated to fall far short of what would be needed to cover the current 5,000 square feet floor. The Bee Problem in the left front pillar of Epworth has created the need for major repair or replacement of the column, considerably damaged by the bees and their massive honeycombs.

In addition to that, the windows replacement project is back-burnered while we seek to find the help needed for at least two major projects on this largest and most used building on the grounds of the Institute. The fear is that the leaky roof could soon begin to create damage in other areas, and that the floor is more than a nuisance, it is a liability and safety concern.

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