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Friday, April 27, 2018

This Newsletter-Blog is Studying Putting its 'SLI Members' Section'
in Restricted Reading for Residents

This Newsletter-Blog continues to serve two basic purposes. One of those purposes is to provide local community communication for its member/residents, and the second purpose is to promote the annual programs which were being provided for both the general public and the Institute community. Sometimes issues related to the community are not necessarily of interest to the general public and could even be considered mundane at times.

For the last several weeks, we have been studying the possibilities of putting our "SLI Members' Section," which is the last one under the Site Map, either under a password or unadvertised link where members could receive news directly related to their local Institute community. Residents would then specify where their submitted news or events would be placed--public or private. Private would be for property owners and residents who live in our Institute community.

The SLI Members' Section currently includes the following:
The technical options and possible costs are being examined in an effort to understand which methods are feasible. The decision has not been reached but will be announced when the options are fully understood and the decision made for use in this Newsletter-Blog.

1 comment:

  1. Wouldn't the items falling under the "SLI Members Section" be official SLI documents, and therefore run by SLI itself rather than on a 3rd party site. It seems if it was more official it would benefit everyone, especially reality company's and potential property buyers.