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Monday, April 9, 2018

Think Spring! Think Silver Lake!
Think Friends, both Known and New!

I have been in many "communities of people" in my seventy years -- those formed as churches, those formed as other socially helpful groups, and those who are simply a part of a hamlet community. It's fun where everyone knows everyone else and there is that occasional new face that provides the happy experience of getting to know a new personality as part of the community.

In both my experience and the experience of a wide swath of my friends who share leadership positions in various communities, we find some of the greatest happiness and fulfillment among those who keep informed about their community and about its wholesome social activities and various other opportun-ities. We call the Silver Lake Institute a special place and indeed it is. Part of what makes it that is the knowledge of what's going on and being offered (whether one participates or not). Sometimes it simply makes great conversation.

In 2018, not only do we have our regular Newsletter-Blog telling the daily and weekly story of the Institute, its people, and its opportunities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but now the service is being expanded to an Email edition, and even an old fashioned printed copy of the Newsletter-Blog for those who enjoy reading from a paper, literally. A simple email or phone call will get the type of delivery you want, or you can fill out the form found in the Primary Links Section of the Site Map (left column) under Newsletter-Blog Delivery Options.

And please help us help you by giving us a call when you see a house up for sale or sold, new and beautiful plantings in a neighbor's yard, an obituary that perhaps we missed, or interesting events you learn about in your travels of the area. Let's keep the fun alive, not only for those "in the know" but for any and all who check regularly on the Newsletter Blog, now newly named "My Silver Lake Connection" and found at https://SilverLakeConnection.com.

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