Sunday, April 22, 2018

Spring Yard Work, Spring Cleanings
will be more of a Time Challenge because of 2018's 'April Winter'

Some folks in the Institute like to have their properties, cottages, and grills all cleaned up, shrubs trimmed, and colorful annuals planted in time for the Memorial Day Weekend holiday. This year, those folks will have just a little over 50% of the days they had last year to accomplish the same tasks by the same holiday weekend  Fortunately, this week begins with a warming trend and three days of sunshine (rain is forecast for Wednesday). 

There are other folks in the Institute who aim to have themselves and their properties ready for the Independence Day holiday and/or the Official Opening Day of the SLI Season, whichever comes first. This year, without most of April, their tasks have only 66.66% of the usual amount of "prep time." This year's Season's Opening Service falls on July 1st and the July 4th Independence Day falls three days later on Wednesday. Let's hope there are not too many belated 'April Showers' to additionally shorten our work times.

At this point in time, hardly a word of complaint about the shortened time to get our work done, but rather the more often heard complaint is that of missing out on the milder weather that should have been ours to enjoy throughout the past three or four weeks. But even that complaint seems to be far overshadowed by the enthusiasm for what is to come, or should we say, what should be coming. Most express the opinion that spring is long overdue and we are more than ready for it

One of the highlights of the Season's Opening Service at 10:30 am July 1st, is that you get your first taste of a grilled hot dog during the fellowship time that follows the Service with other tasty treats plus drink. Some, of course, will be ahead of others if they had their barbecue on Memorial Day, but come join your neighbors on July 1st anyway--it's always a good time at the SLI Big Blue Dock on Lakeview Ave. at Wesley Ave. Don Weaver will be leading the Service and Sue Russell, Director of Asbury Camp & Retreat Center, will be our Kickoff Speaker.

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