Saturday, April 7, 2018

Silver Lake Association Publicizes its Agenda for its First Meeting
Of 2018 on April 14th

The Silver Lake Association (SLA) which cares for issues primarily around the quality of life around Silver Lake and particularly the water quality of Silver Lake, meets monthly to keep ahead on all issues involving and affecting our Lake. The SLA, much like our Silver Lake Institute, do not meet during the winter months, and so April of each year brings about a busy schedule as the "season" is opened for keeping the business of the Lake as a top priority.

In an effort to prepare his Board for the business coming up, President Mark Emmerson distributes his agenda early so Board members can come prepared with questions or new business for the meeting. His committees are asked to submit their reports in writing ahead of time, for both efficiency and thoroughness in his Board meetings. Their first meeting for 2018 will be held in the Silver Lake Brewery at 14 Borden Avenue in Perry and will meet there at 9 am on April 14, 2018.

Their Board's basic agenda includes (I) Call to Order, (II) Pledge to the Flag, (III) Approval of Meeting Minutes, (IV) Treasurer's Report, (V) President's Report, (VI) Committees' Report, (VII) Old Business, (VIII) New Business, and (IX) Adjournment. These areas of concern also cover the main points involving the quality of life around the Lake which are: Recreational, Commercial, Industrial, and Social). His agenda includes much greater detail on the backside of the single issued email page, and you can read it all by clicking on "Read More >" to the lower left right below this paragraph.

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