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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Mid-Winter Survivors' Planning Committee Sets 3rd Weekend in January 2019 as Next Party Date

The Lake waters are all open--there is no lake ice remaining. What a great time to begin planning for the next Mid-Winter Survivors' Party! As our sub-committee meeting was breaking up for the evening today (Saturday), it was drizzling in an outside temperature of 29 degrees. Consequently, our windshields were just beginning to form a thin layer of easily-scrape-able ice, but the roads and walkways were still with adequate traction.

The sub-committee's evaluation of this past winter's party received high marks indeed, fed by the continuous complementary remarks and words of appreciation expressed by those present at the event and for weeks afterwards. Around the tables, some conversations were light-heart-ed and humorous, while other conversations were deep, meaningful, and rather unanticipated. None of the conversations were planned ahead of time. They were each the spontaneous work of our warm and wonderful year-round residents. Not all who were present are friends, but all present were bound and determined that everyone should be respected and have a good time.

Those present told us that they had such a good time that they wanted to do it again which made the sub-committee's work easier as they decided that it had to be done again. There will be one or two different and fast-moving games to get us circulating for a bit, but for the most part we want to provide the same open and friendly atmosphere of our last time together. The next Mid-Winter Survivors' Party is scheduled for Saturday, January 19, 2019 at 4 pm in the afternoon and will once again feature fully loaded (but no anchovies) Daryl's Pizza and a smaller gluten-free pizza, cake and ice cream. It is set to meet at the Schultz-Hallowitz cottage on Lakeview near Fillmore (formerly Charley's).

Any talk of a "dry-run" party in the fall should not be taken too seriously!

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