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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

First SLI Trustee Meeting of 2018 Scheduled for this Saturday, April 14

This Saturday, April 14, 2018, a change from the usual first Saturday of the month, is the first of seven monthly Trustee Meetings for the 2018 Silver Lake Institute season and will be held beginning at 10 am. Meteorologists are predicting "warmer" temperatures as the week progresses, so this first Trustee Meeting could possibly be held at Hoag Memorial, although the Epworthian announcement has it scheduled for the Institute garage. Whether it's Hoag Memorial or the SLI garage, Board Members and visitors should remember to dress warmly as the floors and chairs will most likely be a lot colder than the air temperatures.

The Executive Committee will be giving its annual report of its meetings held over the winter months and quite possibly the unusually long, snowy winter may be a topic of their discussions along with how they managed the worst of the storms and got the streets cleared. The Institute is not currently equipped to handle such rapid and continuous snow fall. There may be possible recommendations or announcement of meetings about coming up with recommendations. 

Also over the winter months, following the resignation-retirement of the Institute Chaplain, the Worship Committee was asked to change from having an SLI Chaplain to having a committee-centered planning and delivery system for the Worship program. The Worship Committee will be bringing a report about its work to finalize such a plan beginning with the 2018 program season. Committee member Joan Maddison will be bringing that report. This preliminary report was approved by the members of the Worship Committee and became available to residents on March 15th through the new "My Silver Lake Connection" online newsletter. The article of March 15th containing the report can be seen again by clicking on: Worship Report.

President Bill Schaefer will most likely be updating the Board about the many plans and arrangements completed for this season, many of which appeared in this spring's edition of the annual Epworthian, a newsletter published exclusively for the resident-members of the Institute. If you have misplaced your Epworthian, it can be found in the left column of this newsletter under "SLI Members Section" of the Site Map.

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