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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Worship Committee to Present Proposal to SLI Board on New Operating Procedures April 14

The Chairperson of the Worship, the Rev. Dr. Donald Weaver has asked Worship Committee member Joan Maddison to present the Committee's new plan for developing and officiating the SLI Worship Services for Season 2018 at the April 14th Board Meeting. Rev. Weaver cannot be present on the 14th due to previously scheduled responsibilities. When the Season closes, it is proposed that an evaluation will take place as to its success and efficiency and the results of that will be reported to the Board. The following is the proposal:

Worship Committee Report - April 2018

Since the resignation of the Silver Lake Chaplain has been announced the Worship Committee has made the following adjustments for this season.  We seek the SLI Board's approval for the following plan.

We seek the appointment of the following persons to the Committee:
1.   The Rev. Doug Wilson
2.   Mrs Barbara Weaver
3.   The Rev Greg Franklin

  • The committee as a whole will take on the responsibilities formally done by the worship committee and the  chaplain.  For this season each member of the committee will share in this in the following way:
  • Greg Franklin will recruit the speakers for each Sunday and for the music that will be provided throughout the 2018 season
  • Doug Wilson will recruit both clergy and laity to be worship leaders to conduct the liturgy for each service and to introduce the speaker for the morning.
  • Julie Hoffner will provide the worship music for the prelude, singing and accompaniment of soloist or musical group plus will arrange musicians when not available herself.
  • Barbara Weaver will care for recruiting the person to care for the children following the children's Moments in the Service
  • Joan Maddison will continue to arrange the snacks for after the services.
  • Suzanne Bristow will work with Greg and Doug to see that the Sunday bulletins are produced.
  • Greg Franklin shall work with the speakers to arrange the bulletin in preparation for printing.
  • Doug Wilson and I (Don Weaver) will make ourselves available for any Pastoral needs of people on the Institute grounds should that occasion arise.
  • The funds that are in the Worship budget we wish to use to support this transition.
  • Our plan will be to evaluate this way of operating and make recommendations to the Board following the 2018 Summer Season.
Should the Board have questions about this plan of operation we asked that they be brought to our attention with specific proposals.

I will not be able to make the April meeting but Joan Maddison has agreed to attend the meeting and make the presentation of this report.

Respectfully submitted                                                         [Official by Worship Committee]
Don Weaver, Worship Chair                                    [To be Submitted to Official Board April 14]

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