Wednesday, March 7, 2018

WNY Breathes Sigh of Relief as Latest Forecasts Show Nor'easter Pushing No Farther W. than Syracuse, Watertown

Temperatures between Perry Ave. and Janes Ave. made it to 39 degrees on this mostly cloudy day, but even so, the melting process was able to get some work done. Melting snow from the roof ran down huge, roof to ground icicles and every few minutes one of those whoppers would break free and sound like someone was walking or jumping off the roof. Luckily, none have landed toward any of the windows. Earlier I stated how I was only seeing 4 out of 5 lug nuts on my wheels, but by afternoon's end today, I was clearly seeing all 5 lug nuts showing the considerable melting capacity of today's temperatures.

My email "pen pal" from the Philippines arrived last Friday at the New Jersey airport and was taken immediately to the hospital with some variation of the Flu. He says he has been "isolated" there until he is completely cured at which time they will give him a plane ticket to finish his journey to Buffalo where Fred Schuknecht has volunteered to drive me up to Buffalo to bring him back here. I'm anxious to find out what type of a visa he has arrived on and for how long it is good. Hopefully long enough for him to see our warm weather and even some of our SLI programming.

"Chet" is also anxious to meet my family and friends since losing all of his to the lawless forces within his country. I'll refer to him as "Chet" until he feels safe with us in our neck of the woods. While you pray for Dorothy Clark's surgery at 1 pm later today (Wednesday), pray also for the complete recovery of Chet from this aggressive Flu. This has been the reason for the delay in starting the "partial hiatus" originally scheduled for March 1st which is now on a day-to-day basis until Chet arrives in Buffalo.

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