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Friday, March 16, 2018

Retiring Chaplain Gives Committee a Preview of His Report to the Board

Former SLI Chaplain Greg Franklin has emailed to the Worship Committee, a preview of his "2017-2018 Report to the Trustee Board" to be made at the April 14th meeting. The Report is divided into two main sections, the first being what he calls "The Spirituality Side of the House" and the second called "The Worship Side of the House." Here is his preview:

To: Worship & Spirituality Committee
From: Retiring Chaplain

On the Spirituality Side of the House:
(1) I will be reporting on a very successful "Mid-Winter Survivor's Party where 22 of 24 were present to enjoy fully topped pizza from Darryl's, gluten free pizza, cake and ice cream, but most importantly the great company every one seemed to enjoy with each other, as no one left early, and everyone on the way out personally thanked the committee for their work in bringing it all together. The committee has assured the guests that we will plan to do it again next year.
(2) The Faith Discussion Group (+ Bible 101) has met twice this month and experienced two very good and inspirational times together. Our emphasis has been on listening and learning as opposed to any one person feeling a need to expound on excessive knowledge. It's been a very comfortable atmosphere to date.

On the Worship Side of the House:
(1) Just a reminder ... for the 8th year in a row, the Worship Schedule has been posted online and is never out of date for more than a few minutes. The web address is NO LONGER silverlakeinstitute.org. The NEW web address for your browser is: SilverLakeConnection.com and the Worship Schedule is under the category of SLI PROGRAMS (click on the last one on the list under that category, or click HERE). 

(2) This year because of the recent leadership shuffle, I will be including more information online as decisions are made and as quickly as they become available to me. Because the Worship Committee has been the longest running committee to post their information online, we strive to be the best informed committee and to keep others equally informed. 

(3) With regard to August 5th, where the Service is being held in Burt Park (because of the Amphitheater Centennial), there has been only one addition to that day's Service since late October 2017 and that is the addition of the Barbershop Choir bringing music from the Amphitheater years (1888-1918). In light of the new leadership recently put in place by the Worship Committee, I assume that all logistics including those of the Order of Worship and positioning of Worship furniture and Refreshment furniture will want to be reviewed,re-established or re-worked. This should not create any confusion since the original logistics and Order of Worship had not yet been circulated. Other than the LOCATION, the special GUEST SPEAKER, and the BARBERSHOP CHOIR being at the end of the Service instead of in the middle, the rest of the Service and the Refreshments to follow were planned to be as traditional and usual as possible so the least amount of extra work would be experienced by the committee who are already busy.

(4) The "Invitation to the Community to dress in period clothing" will be part of the Worship Report to the Trustee Board for final approval, as will the possible use of a top-cover-only tent in case of rain. A donation has been secured for the rental of such tent, but it will only be ordered after (1) set up and take down are included in the overall price, and (2) if the Trustee Board approves the total plan with set up for the day before and take-down for either later Sunday afternoon or Monday morning. Details will be made available to the Board as early as their May or June meeting but no later than the July meeting.

(5) The following is the print-out from our online posting of the Worship Committee's Worship Schedule as of March 16, 2018. A lot of new names were contacted this Pre-Season which is the reason for the delay in scheduling. Music has traditionally been added in after the Speakers' Schedule has been setup. Currently online for August 5th:

AUGUST 10:30 am -- [official by Worship Committee]     
                   [Goes to Official Board on April 14, 2018]

  5 - Worship at Burt Park (old Auditorium location) 

        with worshipers invited to wear 1888-1918 period clothing
         Worship Leader: TBA
        Guest Speaker: Hospice Chaplain Mark Harris (SLE 2017)
.     ..followed by (our usual wonderful) Fellowship and Refreshment Time
        Guest Choir:  Barbershop at 11:30 am for 15 minutes of period songs
        Note: 12:00 Noon--Annual Pioneer Picnic (at the bend in Walker Rd.)

It has been my pleasure to serve you in Worship these past eight years, and I look forward to continued service as part of the new Worship Team. If you would like prayer, please feel free to stop by and walk in the first door and knock on the second if my truck is there at 6988 (29) Haven. If you prefer to call before coming, feel free to do so at 483-8603.

Rev Greg

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