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Friday, March 30, 2018

'MySilverLakeConnection' Considers Producing Two Additional Versions: Email, and Paper-Printed Hard Copy

With the Hobby Print Shop becoming a private, non-profit reality by the summer season of 2018, the ideas floated last year of having different versions of the Newsletter (News Blog) available for the various ways that residents prefer to receive their news is also coming closer to reality. The plan is to take requests and preferences from Institute residents during the months of April, May, and June, to determine how many prefer going (1) to the website for their news (https:// SilverLakeConnnection.com); (2) versus how many residents would prefer opening the Newsletter as an attachment to their Email account; or (3) the number of residents preferring to read a printed paper copy which could be picked up at the same time residents pick up their weekly PennySaver. Any resident preferring U.S. Postal Mail Box delivery would have to bear the cost of postage or provide the postage.

If you, as a resident, prefer to go to the website as you are doing now, no further action need be taken. This method will NOT experience any interruption in service and will continue to be free 24/7. If you prefer to receive your SilverLakeConnection.com news as an attachment to your Email, simply prepare an email and send it addressed to RevGreg@SilverLakeConnnection.com stating that you want to receive the Newsletter (News Blog) as an email attachment. Include your name and phone number in case we have questions. If you prefer a printed paper copy, you can let us know by way of Email or phone call (483-8603). If the number of paper printed requests is low enough, it may be easier to deliver right to your door-nob in a plastic bag. We first need to know the number requesting this service before we are able to determine the best way to "deliver" the service.

Founding Fathers or 
Founding Sons?
When considering the youth from Marjorie Stoneman High School in Parkland, Florida, and their "March for Our Lives," consider also the youth involved with the founding of our nation as submitted by Nancy Cully on Facebook:

Posted: 8 am, 3/30/18

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