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Friday, March 2, 2018

House Guest of Rev. Greg Expected
in WNY Near Dawn on Friday;
Rev's Team to Pick Him Up Saturday

Rev. Greg's email "pen pal" who he has known and skyped since 2007 has been trying to stay alive for the past eleven years from government outlaws, terrorists, and every day outlaws. After nearly 24 hours of flight, he has landed on the East Coast of the United States awaiting the last leg of his journey which will bring him to our neck of the woods. I am anxious to tell his story and to have him meet my many family members and friends. He is anxious to do so, having lost all of his relatives to evil murderers.

This article is slightly premature since it probably should have waited until his final landing for safety reasons which is why I am not giving his name yet nor his country of origin. It is strictly for his safety, having nothing to do with any sense of wanting to write in a vague cloud, but feeling the need to do so. In the next couple of days, I will be taking advantage of the "partial hiatus" (vacation) which was highlighted in a previous article. As you might imagine, we have a lot of catching up to do, and a lot of visitation.

As soon as he feels comfortable having his information online, I will be very happy to fill in the details about him and look forward to you meeting with him and enjoing his company. He is a man of faith and he credits his life to the health, safety, and miracles provided by God, when many times it appeared that his life was close to ending. I was with him ("from a distance") during most of his harrowing journey and so glad he is here to talk about it himself, if and when he feels inclined. Please feel free to stop in if you see my truck in the driveway.

Update -- The Nor'easter arrived Friday bringing 20+ inches of snow here at SLI, but doing considerable damage to the U.S. East Coastline. Hence, my house-guest is hung-up in an East Coast airport for the time being.

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