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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Chair of Worship Committee Successfully Converting from the Chaplain System to Committee System

While the old saying remains true that "many hands make light the load," in the case of a Worship Service, the resulting "lighter load" on one requires a higher level of prior coordination between the new system of responsible leaders. Things that were taken for granted under the old system must be identified and accountable coordination set up for each to be carefully cared for. In other words, as many "what if's" need to be identified so the "then do that's" can be plotted into a time saving procedure.

Chair Don Weaver, a former District Superintendent in the Buffalo District and pastor of a large congregation before retirement, has years of experience in this type of planning and organizing, as do pastor Doug and pastor Greg. As a team, they are actually working ahead of schedule by supporting one another and helping to identify and eliminate potential stumbling blocks before they occur and avoid the causes of future delays. It is Dr. Weaver's goal to have the plan of organization in place to be presented to the Trustee Board on April 14th. The Worship Committee's Leadership Team is confident that the Board will find the system to be well put together, very workable, and lending itself to a high level of success.

Each step along the way, the Leadership Team is weaving a thread of vibrant and spiritual worship throughout the plan that they are confident will be felt and experienced by all worshipers present for this Season's religious program of worship, liturgy, prayers, guest speakers, and guest musicians and vocalists. As in prior years, this vibrant worship will then carry us into a joyful time of Fellowship and Refreshment where friends enjoy each other and strangers become new friends. Running ahead of schedule is inspiring the team to enthusiastically continue its work to completion. The team and entire committee will be more than ready for the kickoff Service on July 1st at the Blue Dock. Plan to invite a friend--kickoff is a great lakeside service!


  1. The writer of this article seems to be saying that there was an abrupt and rather dramatic change of course in both personnel and procedures within the Institute's "religious program." This procedure of change apparently created no questions about the rationale or origins of the need or preference for such dramatic change. It seems to me that something rather significant is missing.

    1. (1) One of the significant differences between traditional news publishing (TNP) and social media, of which blogs are a part, is that of brevity. TNP has always repeated the principal parts of earlier stories just in case the reader has previously missed the story. While social media will sometimes do that, on the whole, repetition is considered antithetical to the social media concept of brevity. Social media readers on the whole, have a strong tendency of keeping up with the issues even to a fault. Readers now have at their disposal, especially in blogs, the Archives of articles and are also provided with a blog Search Engine to make the task even easier for finding background information.

      (2) This is not a story about procedures or rationales, but rather a story about the progress being made by the Worship Committee to a lawful task given to them by the Executive Committee which is made up of the officers of the Institute who are authorized to act during the months when the full Board does not meet (November through March).

      (3) The Executive Committee also serves as a Personnel Committee for the Institute where personnel issues are handled in a confidential manner. Not all personnel believe they are better served by confidential procedures, but that is the lawful procedure being followed on the Executive Committee's part. Sometimes confidential procedures result in necessary changes to the operations and even the structure of the Institute such as in this case.

      (4) Copy and Paste to read one of the background articles available: https://mysilverlakeconnection.blogspot.com/2018/02/current-blog-for-sli-news-will-be.html

      (5) A blog, by design, is for discussion and the exchange of ideas, opinions, and to ask questions. Thank you for using a name in your comment. In this way we as readers will know we can pick up where we left off and not have to start from the beginning. Thank you for writing.