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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Dan Viola, Stand Up Comedian
at Epworth Hall Tonight was a
Big Hit for a Wide Audience

Dan Viola
SILVER LAKE INSTITUTE, NY — Comedian Dan Viola is a Western New York man. He knows WNY and WNY's people. He relates to us and after a few minutes, we find ourselves equally relating to him. A few minutes more and we are laughing at his many topics of humor -- which did NOT include smut. Dan is the father of seven children--enough comedy material for a show right there! He has also been a game show host, a coach, a salesman, and a high school teacher for 20 years--another good source of material!

This was Dan Viola's second time at Epworth Hall but because none of us could remember just how long ago the first time was, tonight was as good as being his premiere show. Along with laughter, he received several rounds of applause with a big, complimentary round at the end of the show. Our SLI Adams family remember him when he first started out in his early twenties in Rochester. Dan made note of the fact that he is now 50 years old and feeling even more at odds with the short attention spans of today's teenage generation and handled it very well in his unique style of humor.
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