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Monday, July 10, 2017

SLA's 'First Ever SLA FUN Golf Tournament' Obviously Not Replacing SLI's 14 Years of Tournaments

Golfers who have participated in the SLI's last 14 years of Tournaments were initially saddened to hear that their Tournament had been "absorbed" into a much larger lake-wide Tournament to be kicked off this year by the Association. Do not dismay, the SLI Tournament has none of the appearances of having been "absorbed" into anything.

The new lake-wide Tournament implies no merger or joining together of the two Tournaments. Quite the contrary. The current advertising for the new lake-wide Tournament states: "First Ever SLA FUN Golf Tournament." SLI golfers should note that it does NOT say "First Ever SLA-SLI FUN Golf Tournament" nor does it say anything about continuing any golfing traditions of the SLI Tournament.

We here at the News.Blog are quick to say that the early reports of the death (or merger) of the SLI Tournament are not based on any current advertising being used publicly. So turn those frowns upside down and form some big smiles. There is nothing preventing the SLI Tournament from completing its four empty slots on the current trophy. Keep on teeing off, you SLI guys 'n' gals!

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