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Friday, July 14, 2017

Silver Lake Water Levels Peak; Local Heroes Come to Rescue Flooded Docks

Flooded Dock Section at the Institute Shoreline
SILVER LAKE, NY  Friday had been looking to be the first day this week without rain but even in between our bright sun, a heavy shower managed to squeeze itself in between the open spaces of sunny skies in the late morning. Docks were soon underwater and at least one dock began to pull apart on its way to freedom. 

All-round good guy, Dick Adams, hopped in to the rescue of Julie Hoffner's second half of her dock managing to reconnect it, nail it together, and reinforce it, all while working in the high water, and also as the downpour just happened to occur at that point. Dick may have had the appearance of drowned rat, but he certainly was Julie's Angel of the Day!

There were at least 3 other heroes this morning: Chuck Dusel, Jim Gildner and Jerry Kelly -- all who helped Institute residents secure their boats by raising hoists and lifting watercraft out of the water! (Are there other high water stories or pictures you would like to share? Send them in and I will post them for all to enjoy.)

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