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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Large Area Power Outage Ends at 6:40 pm after Affecting Two Counties

Electrical power went out for the Silver Lake community, Wyoming and Livingston counties mid-afternoon of this 2017 July 4th holiday. Power returned to Wyoming county at 6:40 pm but the source of the problem is unknown due to the holiday schedule of the power companies. This is how the Batavia Daily News reported it before the power had returned:

"UPDATE: As of 6:24 p.m., the number of outages in Wyoming County has decreased to 6,309 and there are four less people without power in Livingston County. A representative from NYSEG has still not returned a call seeking comment on the reason for the outages, as offices are closed today for Independence Day. 
"There are currently 7,932 customers without power in Wyoming County and 1,025 without power in Livingston County, according to the New York State Electric and Gas power outage map. Outages in Wyoming County are around Warsaw, Perry, Silver Springs, Gainesville, Castile and Genesee Falls. Outages in Livingston County are around Leicester. No one was able to be reached for comment at NYSEG."

Less than an hour later, the Daily News reported: "UPDATE: As of 7:15 p.m., there were no more reported power outages in Wyoming or Livingston counties on the NYSEG power outage map."

Residents on S. Federal St. in Perry reported hearing the loud sound similar to transformers exploding right around the break in the power, but agreed that such localized action would hardly affect such a large area.

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