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Sunday, July 9, 2017

SLI Annual Meeting 2017 Offers 'Top' Financial and Investment Reports; Successful Programming at its Peak

1—Cottage Owners arriving, signing in, and collecting necessary papers including 2016 Minutes, financial statements, and agenda.
2—President Bill Schaefer calling for the Pledge of Allegiance, Opening Prayer by Chaplain Greg, and giving the Welcome and Introductions.
3—Kathy Schaefer spoke about the The Silver Lake Experience and the successful registration of 186 by this July 8th date. The Manor is full.
4—Jim Morey delivered the good news from our Investment Committee for 2017: Investments are Up, and Pete Mairs is replacing a retiring Ron Harmon.
5—Julie Hoffner delivered a very encouraging report on the health of the SLI Programming. It continues to expand and deliver great cultural entertainment.
6—Linda Mairs spoke for the Stoody Hall Committee on the successful Breakfast Café project which draws residents' families and friends.
7—Lance, SLI Board Secretary is shown taking diligent notes as the previous minutes were read and approved.
8—Outgoing Trustee, Treasurer and Grounds Committee Chair Craig Bateman gave a comprehensive Financial Report which included all of 2016 and an up to date 2017 Report. The Board will elect a Treasurer at its August meeting.
9—Pete Mairs on behalf of the Legal Committee announced that our 501C3 from the IRS for Federal Tax Exemption has been received, leaving only an application to NYS for Sales Tax Exemption left. Our 4-year project of separation from the UNY Annual Conference is complete since the NYS tax application is a formality based on the 501C3.
10—Lance Seeber as Chair of this year’s Nominations Committee, led the Election of 4 new Trustees to the Board, also allowing time for Nominations from the Floor of which there were none. Elected to 3-year terms were: Chuck Dusel, Julie Hoffner, Jill Knitter, and Loren Penman.
11—Bill Schaefer made it clear that Health & Safety issues take priority over all other concerns. Having given the President’s comments earlier (including swimming at Asbury Pool and Summer Projects), led the meeting through Owners’ Concerns and Questions (appx. 5), Announcements, and Called for a Closing Motion ending the 2017 Annual Meeting.

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