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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Workshops Begin to 'Max Out' as Registration Hits 170 Saturday

It took just one Silver Lake Experience--the first one in 2015--for the good folks of Western New York to discover what a gem the SLE is in their midst! This year--2017--only the second Silver Lake Experience ever,* and SLE has 170 registrations as of June 24th! 

The following workshops have already reached maximum capacity and are now closed: 
T5 Dessert Demonstrations...F5 Simple Sterling Ring.         F19 Kayaking 
F26 Three to See...............F30 Boat Tour.....       S2 Five Cottage Tour
S8 Watercolor Basics...........S21 Five Cottage Tour.....     S22 Boat Tour
In addition, there are several that are close to full. As you can see, procrastinating is not the way to get what you want!

Looking for some child-appropriate workshops? Check these out:
T3 Flint Knapping (7)#
T18 Art in Motion-Contemporary Dance (0)#
F3 Geocaching (9)#
F14 Helping Honeybee & other Pollinators (2) #
S14 Get Ready for the Wildlife * (7) #
S15 Kayaking (4)#

Are you interested in some "professional" workshops (those receiving a stipend for their presentation)? Check these out:

T4 Heal Chronic Pain * (8)
T6 Ageless Spirit * (8)
T7 Understanding Prints* (9)
F4 Leaving a Legacy* (5)
F6 How’s & Why’s of Hunger** (9)
F11 Sustainable Living Tips: How to Save Our Earth and Pockets With Our Lifestyle Choices* (4)
F12 The Life & Work of Legendary Kodak Photographer Neil Montanus* (8)
F21 Singing in the Rain: Weathering the Storm of Dementia Through Humor, Love, and Patience *
S14 Get Ready for the Wildlife * (7) #

You can also choose from the following unique workshop experiences:
T8 Soldiers, Hippies & Nixon (11)
T12 Gender Issues & Sexual Identities (5)
T19 Daily Devotion (10)
F8 Mental Health: Overcoming Barriers-A Grassroots Approach (5)
F9 Approaching Elderhood- The Gift of Peace of Mind (2)
F28 Introduction to Haiku (8)
S3 Is the Church Dying in America Today? (5)
S4 Cottage Craft: Fruit Quilt (3)
S8 Quilting Class: Delightful Watermelon Accessories (9)
S11 Taize (7)
S17 Fishing on Silver Lake (7)
S18 Seeking & Finding the Spirituality in /and Through Social Justice Ministries (8)
S19 Building Resilient Minds & Families: Helping Families Re-adjust to Life After Active Service (0)

Call (585) 237-5262 or (585) 737-1094 while these Workshops are still available.
*The SLE is the renaissance of the Institute's "Chautauqua Assembly" which, at its height, ran from 1886 through 1896, during which all of the Institute's historical buildings were constructed. President Grover Cleveland, having married a woman 28 years his junior, served twice during that time and William H. Harrison in between. Learn the "behind the scenes" of the old Camp Meetings. (Enjoy faith and history? Register for T9 Spiritual History of Silver Lake Institute which begins its run after lunch on Thursday from 1:30 to 3:20.) 

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