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Saturday, June 17, 2017

One SLI Resident 'Catches the Spirit' and 40 Others Follow her on Mission

The Community's Heart for Brad and Lisa
Brad Hennig came home from Strong Hospital on Friday which was his primary wish. Brad suffers from End Stage Cancer and is in Hospice Care. His birth was in Batavia, but his life and his heart is being an integral part of the Silver Lake Institute since almost before he could remember.

About 40 adults within Brad's SLI community followed the woman who "caught the Spirit" to gather at Stoody Hall at 7:30 pm Saturday as each one present was given a solar light to walk down to Brad's house and build the shape of a heart in his front lawn. A huge bouquet was placed in the middle. Brad's wife, Lisa, was invited out to join the group (Brad was indisposed but expected to enjoy the lights later). 

The group, hand in hand, including Lisa formed a circle around the heart, then Chaplain Greg told Brad's God that we had come to demonstrate our love and appreciation for him and his life with us, and prayed that Brad's God would use our presence to fill the Hennig house with the power of love and strength that we demonstrated in that compassionate and determined circle. 

Lisa received many needed hugs from good neighbors and good friends. Chaplain Greg held her firmly as he again prayed one on one with Lisa imploring her to take all that she had seen, heard, and felt with her back to Brad for their time together.

Having been somewhat surprised at the sense of spirituality that emerged so spontaneously, Brad's friends were spiritually touched and unified in spite of their profound sorrow over Brad's, Lisa's, and the family's suffering. Lisa was very grateful for the show of love and solidarity.

1 comment:

  1. This is why I LOVE being a resident of Silver Lake Institute...Thank you fellow neighbors for your love and compassion that you demonstrate always in all ways......Namaste

    God Speed Brad....We LOVE you and your beautiful family!!


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