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Saturday, June 24, 2017

LRPC Finalizes Park Plaques,
Sets Plans for Upcoming Projects;
Ames Ave. Neighbors, a New Priority

The Long Range Planning Committee (LRPC) met this morning on the porch of Stoody Hall and completed the final editing the the Burt Park Memorial signs. The memorial markers can now be ordered and the anticipated completion date is the end of July. The second agenda item was the SLI Rule Book. Suzanne Bristow will insure that each member of the committee receives a CD of  the 2002 edition. This particular edition was comprehensively updated 15 years ago but never made it into print.

Each committee member will be able to do an initial reading and make general observations as to which items may need further updating, rewording, or even elimination. Then the committee will come together on July 15 at 10:30 am following the Saturday Morning Cafe to exchange information and ideas coming out of the initial readings. This work will be done with the goal of having a new edition printed following Trustee Board approvals and budgeting.

Ames Calling . . .

Last on the agenda was an updated discussion on the Ames Ave. beautification project. Chaplain Greg recommended utilizing the latest Blog information as we seek the input (ideas, thoughts, and needs) of the Ames neighborhood cottage owners. Sue Bristow received committee approval to make hard copies of the Blog resources to have available for neighborhood visitation. Board approval will be sought for the committee to officially function as a fact-finding group so as to get the Ames Ave. neighborhood as engaged as possible in the upgrading and/or beautification of Ames .

Printed articles and diagrams will be utilized to aid the understanding of how a hypothetical layout would (or would not) function well both for the neighborhood and the wider community. The committee will not be presenting a finished plan or proposal to the Board until neighbors appear to be comfortable that their concerns and needs have been heard and addressed.

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