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Wednesday, June 14, 2017


It has been called to my attention that there may be some confusion about articles written on the News.Blog as to their authorship and when and if they speak for the Board. First and foremost, the only articles that "speak for the Board" are those with the designation of [official] at the end of the article. That means that the article is either written by an officer of the Board or has been approved to be written by an officer of the Board, primarily the President who verbally "signs off on it." 

Since the independent News.Blog is basically a one-man operation, you can be fairly certain that the vast majority of articles are written by me, the Editor and Publisher (Greg Franklin). My first career was in newspaper publishing and my first retirement career was in news-blogs for two large companies and several churches. Anything written by other contributors is identified either in the body of the article, as a by-line at the beginning, or even at the end of the article.

There is always a gray box at the end of each article or "ad" which the software places there and you will note that it most always says "Posted by G.A.F." (that's me!) I post it on the Blog even when someone else writes it--unless they have special permission to enter the Blog themselves to post--such as Suzanne Bristow who cares for our Heritage Walkway page.

Articles about Ames Avenue, also written by me, contain information from several sources--each labeled within the article. These include primarily written history, map history, Board history, Bob Murphy's history of SLI, the Registrar's records, and verbal tradition which is usually listed in such casual ways as "it has been said" or "as tradition would have it." Board approvals or disapproval's are listed as such within the body of the article unless they have been officially approved for publication in which case they receive the [official] logo. To date, no Board actions have been identified with the [official] logo because nothing new has been approved. 

The Ames Avenue "beautification" project is now under the umbrella of the Long Range Planning Committee (LRPC) who are currently gathering information on the needs of the community (a safe pedestrian walkway) and the needs of individual residents (automobile access to individually owned lots and cottages). All current Ames Avenue articles are being used as conversation starters and means for gathering necessary information by way of stimulating comments, emails, and attendance at planning and/or proposal meetings.

Please feel free to stop by and chat or direct your questions to  either of my emails or to: greg@silverlakenynews.blog. Thanks to all who are spreading the word to those who are not online.

June 14, 2017

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